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Hey Xisto,I have a copy of the original Photoshop CS at home and I want to get it on my relatively new computer (this one). However the CDs are not cooperating with my CD drive, which has been having intermittent problems since I got it. I heard from a friend that you can download Photoshop from the internet, and enter the serial number. However I have only found downloads for CS4. Is there any way for me to download CS1 online? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Hui


Google download CS1 to see what pops up.


Why not go with the newer one anyways, CS4?I'm sure that there are tons of different changes between the two.And about downloading them, you can probably find it via torrents. As long as you have an original key(and original cd's) you should be good from a legal standpoint.Why not just get a cheap cd-rom though? Dual layered dvd burners run ~$20 or so now.


Well, not everyone can afford the software as it is quite expensive since it is still brand new and besides why pay for something you don't need if you have the software that can do what you need it to do. As for solutions your first one would to make sure the CD's are still readable and if not see if you can get them cleaned up with a CD cleaning kit. If after then its not the CD's then I would go ahead and replace the CD-Rom drive if you can and then see if the CD's work then, but if that isn't the case and this would be the only time I would recommend it. Is download a torrent version of the software because that is the only place you find it as not to many software sites have trial versions that old.


Hey everyone,Thanks for the replies. I will see if I can get a torrent for it. I would replace my drive but my computer is a laptop and I've never replaced parts on a laptop before. Thanks!Hui


Heck, replacing parts on a laptop is has easy as taking a lid off a jar, but the question I have is your laptop still under warranty? If it is then you don't have to worry about paying for a new one and just let them know that your CD-ROM drive has stopped working and they will ship it out to you ASAP hopefully with some instructions and your set. Usually the only thing you need to take out to remove a CD-ROM drive is a screw and it pops up and so before you do the torrent thing see if you can fix your computer first.


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