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Does My Friend Like Me?


we're both freshmen at the same college, so i've only know her for a couple months. right now i just think of us as really good friends, but sometimes she makes me wonder if she likes me a little more than that.so in no particular order:obviously hugs saying hi and good bye are normal, but then there's all the random extra ones when we're just hanging out, sometimes her arms go around my upper body, sometimes around my neck and she just completely leans against me.sometimes she starts blushing when i show up to hang out (our other friends are there too) or when i sit down at the table for dinner (again, we eat with a group of friends)there's a little sparkle in her eyes when she looks at me and talks to me, and maybe it's just me, but i swear she uses a different tone of voice when she talks to me than when she talks to our other friends.she laughs at everything i saya couple other random things: one time we were just hanging out, i was sitting, she was standing, and all of a sudden she just decided she was gonna sit on my lap. another time we were watching a movie and she ended up leaning against me, basically laying on me, with my arm around her shoulder, at one point she got up (i don't remember why, i think it was a phone call) but when she came back a couple minutes later she sat back down leaning against me the same way as before so i'm assuming she was comfortable with it.one time she called me her boyfriend, she didn't say it like a joke but i know she didn't mean it (i'll explain at the end), but she had to have meant it a little bit right? i mean, that doesn't just come out of nowhere right? and a couple days ago she was joking about how she's going to marry me.then there's just some weird stuff, like one time when we were hanging out (we're just like standing next to each other) she said she wanted to throw away her gum, and then she says (to me) do you want to get rid of it for me?, then she leans toward me with her mouth open like she's gonna kiss me, followed by a short pause and then a just kidding. the just kidding thing happened a couple other times too except one was when we were eating (she was sitting next to me) and i looked over at her and she had some food on her fork and was moving toward me like she was gonna feed me or something, and the other just kidding moment was that same meal and she said was thirsty and reached her arm out like she wanted me to pass her my drink. she never said just kidding right away either, it was like she wanted to see my reaction first or something.she'll randomly tell me i'm cool/awesome/niceand then the whole body language thing, when we're hanging out with our friends she'll have her upper body pointing at me, neither her arms or legs are ever crossed, i don't know if it's true or not, but everything i've heard says that whether they know it or not girls turn their upper body so it's pointed at the most important thing in the room to them, and that if they don't cross their arms or anything then they are comfortable.so anyway, i kind of think she might like me a little, but the reason i don't is because she has a boyfriend (who also goes to our same college). but she met him over the summer at freshmen orientation about three months before she met me (i went to a different orientation session), and they started going out about a week or two into the school year, which was before i really even started talking to her. so what's the deal, does she like me more than a friend at all? or am i reading into all this wrong? or is she just using me to get whatever she isn't getting out her relationship with her boyfriend? or is she using me to try to make her boyfriend jealous/be nicer to her? (all of our friends think he's a crappy boyfriend, but i don't really have an opinion) an example why i think it might be the last one is because sometimes if she's with her boyfriend and his friends and she sees me walking by, she'll yell (sort of) out my name and act all excited and hug me with him right there. so what do you think? and for the record, i'm not planning on saying anything to her, i was just gonna wait until after she breaks up with him, because it doesn't seem like the two of them are gonna last very long (and obviously i would give her plenty of time after the break up)


Hmm.It sounds to me like she does have an interest in you, but is trying to play it cool/safe because of her current boyfriend. I'd do the same, play it cool, and let things happen in their own time. Hang out with her when you can, be her friend, but don't try to make a move on her unless she makes one first.That's my $0.02 anyway.


Well it's certain that you obviously like her. I would say that she likes you as well. I say this because some of the things you've described match some things I did with a crush I had a month ago.Go ask her out. I don't see the harm. Don't expect a full blown thing out of it. Remember that going out does not involve commitment. Most people forget that. It's meant for the two of you to get to know each other even better!Good luck to you.


Yeah, she obviously likes you. I think you should try to make a move around now, just because it seems like she is very much interested in you, and denying you isn't something that seems very possible at this time. So I just say go for it, also don't wait because there might come a time where she loses interest in you, and you do not want that to happen


I'd say she likes you too, but the fact that she has a boyfriend is a real bummer. If you really like her, you ought to talk to her about the whole issue, including what she intends to do about her boyfriend. But if you're really unwilling to talk to her, you probably don't like her enough to do so. Which is fine actually, just let things take its natural course and play by ear.


Does my friend have a crush on me?Does My Friend Like Me?

I have a friend that I was at school with but now we're grown up and he got back in touch with me last year. He lives in a different city to me now but not that far away and we've been messaging each other and even met up a couple of times. I am living with my boyfriend but am not wholly happy in the relationship which my friend knows about. He organised a night out with me and a few of his friends but it had to be cancelled due to illness. I said I might not go when he told me some of his friends were coming with us because I had only met him once before and hadn't got used to him let alone having to take on all his friends as well. It just seemed like too much and I told him I might not go. He went mad and told me I was the primary reason the night was happening and that he'd invited his friends so that I didn't have to put up with just him. He also told me it would be lovely to see me and later on that he was looking forward to seeing me. This would in itself maybe be a clue that he likes me but he hasn't said anything like that since. We met up after that during the day and have messaged each other ever since including texting. He tells me all about his love life and about a girl he likes that he sees on his way to work every day. Trying to be a good friend, and because I'm not single and don't know if he would be interested in me even if I was, I encourage him but also give him my objective opinion. He teases me saying I'm small etc and sometimes acts a bit funny whenever I mention getting any attention from any other men. I'm so confused I just don't know what to think and all I want to know is does he like me?!

-reply by Girl confused!Keywords:


"does my friend like me"Does My Friend Like Me?

If a guy organises a night out just to be with you, then he likes you, theres not much more to it! Nevermind the extra friends, that just means that he was nervous that he wouldn't be enough company for you. Also, a lot of the time, people will try get hung up on someone else to get over the person he likes, and the fact that he is telling you about it means that he values your opinion, so just because he is telling you about it doesn't mean he isn't into you. Esp. The attention thing from other men means he definately likes you. How do you act towards him?

-reply by Chris



First of all, do YOU like HER? You spent the entire post talking about how she might or might not like you... but there seems to be no reciprocation.Anyway, just ask her sometime about your relationship. Tell her that you feel uncomfortable with the mixed messages she's sending. It surely sounds like you're uncomfortable, unless I completely misread your post and you actually didn't say half the stuff you did. If she says she likes you, and the feeling is mutual, be sure to bring up her current boyfriend as an issue. If she doesn't, she'll probably realize what she's been doing, and will likely be a little embarrassed or uncomfortable herself, but she should get over it. And you can continue to be her friend with a little more clarity in the definition of the friendship.


Chris -

I just act like a good friend really. We live in different cities an hour apart so we don't see each other that often. We have met up and been out together since then - on our own and at the beginning of the night we agreed to go and have a few drinks (he came to the area I live in especially) and he said 'if I do anything stupid, you know'. I asked what he could possibly do that could be stupid but he just smiled and walked outside to have a cigarette. Throughout the night he also said that we have alot in common, that his 'type' now apparently seems to be 'blonde hair with cheek bones' which kind of describes me a little bit, that he always liked me (at school) and that I am 'cool, very cool'. On the face of it this obviously suggests that he likes me but I just wonder if this is because I was looking for any signs and I'm not remembering these quotes in the context of the whole evening's conversations. He is a very friendly and 'nice' guy with several female friends and I wonder if he's like this with everyone. We ended the evening by him saying he wants me to go out with him around where he lives and I can stay over at his place (on the couch of course!)

The only problem is that now he is't speaking to me. If I text him then he might send a couple of replies back but then just disappears.  I didn't think men were supposed to be this complicated!

- Girl Confused.


Of course she like's u. In my opinion girls and boys can not be close friends, or better said, can not be just friends. At least one of the two will always want something more. Even if u don't believe me in your case she gives u a lot of signs so it's clear.


Does she like me??Does My Friend Like Me?hey,
There's this girl I kno who was my junior at college.., and I sort of liked her. and me being sort of a pretty shy guy, I never asked her out. But then, she moved away to a different college. After a few months we met on a social networking site and started talking.. It sort of became an everyday routine.. She'd come to know by then that I liked her and sort of got angry when one of her friends teased her about how much time she spent with me.. (and she told me she thought I was talking to her just coz I liked her and wanted to ask her out.. She's a shy conservative girl to some extent..).. She later sent me a mail the next day apologizing and asking me to forget what happened the other night and insisted on meeting online again.. I tried keeping my distance from her though for what had happened.. But she told my friends that she was feeling bad bout me ignoring her.. So we started talking again..
its been around a year now and we've become really good friends.. We share and discuss stuff we wudn't with anyone else.. and our friends still do tease us.. But she doesn't seem to mind it.. I asked her if we shud perhaps talk less (as if it was affecting me).. She got all irritated and told me if that's wat I want.. She wudn't disturb me again and all those stuff.. Lol.. But I think I like her too.. and wudn't really want to stay away from her.. So, well, that again, was another day we decided to forget..
One of my friends lied to her saying that I had told him that I liked her.. and she came and asked me and said something like "u should have told me first..".. But I immediately cut her off (biggest mistake) and said he was joking.. (and her reply was something like "ohh lol.. Oops.. " wat do I make of it?? )
she talks to me almost daily now.. Tells me stuff she wudn't tell her bff.. She asks my friends where I was wen I'm not online.. Keeps telling me I'm a nice guy and stuff.. (and refers to me using cute nicknames lol.. ).. and wen people tease her wid me.. She always tells me bout it and chuckles.. Lol.. so.. Does she like me?? 
I wud have asked her out a long time ago.. But she's a very good friend.. and I wudn't wanna lose her in case she doesn't actually like me..
so.. Wat do u guys think?? help me out here people..
(Cheers for all your replies!)
-question by James


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