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I've Been Susbended & Feel Sorry For Trap17.


Hi,the Admin of Xisto, I'm a teacher in a middle school in a small town of our country,and then you will know how frequently could I contact with internet,and bad luck,now it's the time for a winter holiday that our country holds for schools every year.So I went home for abt 1 week,and the home gotta no internet, ,when some day I rememberd the Forum posts need for Xisto from a busy family life,I gotta know the day of today is the one I must go on internet to post or to check my site,or I don't know what will happend as your scarly rules ,then I came to a city near my hometown by bike,It takes an hour for the journey.And when I sitted on the chair of an Internet Cafe,Opend the IE,enter my site guangdian.info gotta cool water from a warm room,cooler than the lower temperature outside.----My site been suspended.My index changed to the Index of Xisto,I told Myself:Over,My pictures,Over,My beautiful pages,Over,My forum of classmates,Over,My life belonged to Xisto. Then next I opend the mailbox,there were some mails from Xisto,Oh,It changed so a lot.To my oponion,Xisto changes day by day,I feel sorry for all of this.Coz I believed Xisto is the most quality free hosting server all over the world ever.Now what I think,how I could know her?I only could said to God:came back,my site,site mine.----I opened the finall mail from Xisto,oh it's a form to check my status of username of Forums of Xisto,I checked it,It say:Your Hosting Account is not ActiveYou need atleast 5 posts to make your account active and secure."Oh,the more got effort chances i need.I logged into the forums to say my words in my heart,I'm sorry Xisto,Plz be mercy to the humans~


Your Cpanel username : guangdiAnd your Site name is : guangdian.trap17.comI accessed your site and it is active. I dont know what is the issue. Also, next time, can you please make the points more clear.And if you cannot post and dont get time out of your busy life, I suggest you can switch to paid hosting which costs just $10 for one year. I hope it is quite cheap and affordable.thanks.


paid hosting costs only $10 for a whole year?does it include a domain or strictly hosting?and whats the bandwidth and space limit on it?


Over @ Computing-Web-Hosting.com (Another Xisto company):Plan A: 50 mb space / 1 gb bandwith - 10 dollar a year No domain included


Oh,Good,paid host for 1 year only $10,How that be paid,from the Credit Card?


I think they allow Paypal too, so you can put money from your bank on paypal and send it to Xisto


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