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Flex Contact Form V2


Well in the last couple of days after taking a couple of ideas from a book I have redesign based on those idea's. Right now design wise I am about 90% as I still have to stylize the form and add a couple of things here and the scripting is about 5% since I have to redo the validation to the form and see if I can do some more interesting programming wise.

So click on the link below and make sure your flash is current 9 or 10 will just work fine.


Comments and or suggestions much appreciated and yes a super duper tutorial will come with it, well the design aspect and a little programming that comes with this design.


I think it is REALLY REALLY GOOD~!! I can't wait for the tutorial...... I WANT ONE~!!I love the border...... I love the shadowing..... It looks professional~!!


That looks really cool. Style is superb. The only problem is we must have flashplayer. So, must must have an alternateive html registration form for this, to use if the user doesn't have flash installed or its turned off. Anyway an innovative way of registration. Please post the tutorial, we'll try it.


Really nice looking form and loads fast.Are all the fields compulsory to fill in? I'd suggest adding asterisks and a note to say "indicates required information" or something like that. For instance, you' ve got a field for SSN, but of course not all users would be American. And of course, adding countries other than USA. But then, of course, the person using your templae will be able to adjust and change whatever they need to suit their own needs.Overall I really like it.


Well the are many html equivalents out there but this form is used by a specific piece software called called Flex that be used for all sorts of things if you go to flex.org you can check out of the various applications that being made for this. Like I mentioned in my first post, I haven't gotten to the validation aspect of the form and besides if you click submit it isn't going to take you anywhere .


When are you going to post the tutorial? What prior knowledge is needed?


Patience on the tutorial on the tutorial since I am still working out the kinks to it and making sure I have everything set up properly. As for prior knowledge best to read my first three tutorials on flex, check out a few books and of course have the software needed. Also shadowx had made a couple of topics because he is/was using the sdk when he working on it.


Notice from rvalkass:

Merged accidental triple post.


Uhhh....Saint Michael, you posted three times..... anyway, I don't think I have the "skills" to make it..... I saw the other tuts..... scary lookin..... T.T, no more flex for me......


It looks nice and all (apart from not working in Konqueror) but, to be brutally honest, what's the point? I don't see what real advantages Flex offers over normal HTML forms, except requiring people to download and set up Flash (which can be a pain, especially on Linux). If it's the look and feel then something like jQuery or Scriptaculous could be used instead, and would degrade more gracefully than demanding I install Flash.


It is not so much the forms itself, but rather getting an understanding of the structure and what is more simple then designing a form. Of course, the flex applications I have see are just mind boogling and yeah my examples haven't been great as for the potential, but hopefully when I get this book on Adobe Air, I can do a lot more with Flex then create simple forms.


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