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Getting Php Error On Oscommerce


ok i installed oscommerce on my hosting and i got a template that im trying to isntall on it but when i go to the install folder it says Server Requirement Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration. This can be enabled in your php.ini configuration file or in the .htaccess file in your catalog directory. and register_globals is enabled in .htaaccess i cannot find php.ini sumone PLZZZ help me!!!


You do not have access to your php.ini file, however you are able to temporarily override settings in this file and change certain parameters using the ini_set() function in php, however these changes only last for the duration of the script. After the page is finished executing the settings will revert back to their original settings. What I would recommend that you do is add the following line of code to the top of the page that is giving you the error.



php.ini is a Server-level file that will not be accessible on your account.
And I don't think you can enable register_globals locally using .htaccess, either.
You will need to find another software that does not require register_globals.


see here: http://www.webhostingresourcekit.com/260.html


There appear to be some modified files to avoid using register_globals:




However, they are community written and you are advised to use them at your own risk.


Also, any software that requires register_globals is not only a huge security risk, but won't work when PHP6 becomes the defacto standard. If I remember correctly, register_globals is being removed completely.


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