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How Romantic Are You ? what is the most romantic thing you have ever made for the person you


Saying to a person: "I love you!" (even if its once in a life, like a post in a topic was saying) is not enough ...


To truely prove your love you need more efort than to move yor lips and saying "I love you!" ...

You need to "SHOW" you love. Gifts are the best way to show how much you care about a person ... but be carefull in chosing your gift. Expensive jewlery ... parfumes ... clothes ... "material stuff" ... FORGET ABOUT IT !!!

Those things don't ipmress a person which cares abot the inner values of yours.


You surely have some photos of you two together ???


Just an example:

Take them and make a photo album BY YOUR OWN with the captures of the most beautifull moments you had together ... A perfect birthday gift =)

But ... =) .... to make it a bit more interesting .... let the person search a bit for the present .... Leave a note that there a gift waiting for her / him .... (for example) in the bathroom ... and then ther will wait a another note sending the person to a other place ... and so a few times ... but not to much ... so that the person runs all the day collecting houndrets of notes =) and freaks out =P


But not only that ...

What is more important is to be there for the person you love.

Be the best friend to her / him and make her / him FEELING that she / he can trust you,

Be the ear to her / him when she / he is the word,

Be the tear of her / him when she / he is crying,


So .... let me hear some ideas from you ....

How creative are you and what would you be ready to do for your loved person.


If you need some help ... I am always here ... and I will gladly help ... =)


dude i would consider myself very creative in this regard but im very good!let me tell you something bro..women can smell it if a dude is being nice just so that they get the idea he's nice, if you know what i mean. Nothing beats honesty in a relationship and respecting your partner.You do not have to be sensitive just so that she see you are the one..no..just having a heart to heart with her often and telling her the truth no matter how much it might hurt her..she has to know you're comfortable with your shortcomings and you're willing to work out that with her.well this has obviously worked for me.chicks like me for my honesty and i keep it real. If i love someone i'll be honest about it and they will just feel it coz im not afraid to show it.


Dear friend first of all welcome to Xisto and a very very happy new year to you. By the way I am really impressed with your views on the topic and agree fully with you. Just saying may be flirting many a times and so its true that you should have the real caring feeling for your partner.?


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