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This Is A Help Question On How To Change The Brightness Of The Screen In VB 2008 (For My Prog.)


This Is A How To Question. I Hope By Posting This Someone Will Post A Tutorial On This Subject Or Explain It For My Learning And Future PeopleWho Want To Know


Im Creating a propeties page in my program( Like In Computer games or video games) and i would like to know


How to let the user adjust the brightness from my application using a NumericUpDown (Thing that starts at 0 and enables you to go 100 or something).


I've set the max limit as 10 and the default staring point at 10. (the brightess possible)


i just need a way to change the brightness of the screen according to number . ( 10= Brightess, 5= Medium, 1 or 0 = Lowest)


Please Help! Thank You


Sounds like a javascript solution, but I don't know enough about javascript to know how to do this, or if it is even possible.There is a distinct line where javascript can not go past to affect the Viewer's experience. Things which affect the security of the Computer being used is area where the javascript is not allowed to go, and I'm pretty sure that your request would cross the line, too. Otherwise, we, as viewers of the page would never know how to re-set the things you affected.Similarly, javascript is confined to affecting the cookies and information from the Domain it is being run from, otherwise, any page you went to visit would steal all the cookie information off your machine. This is not something to take lightly. The User needs to be able to control their machine, not the page Author. Accessibility would be adversely affected as well. Some Clients need specific light conditions and contrast on the screen or they would never be able to read the pages.I might be wrong, but I doubt very much if your request would be obtainable.


Well a very very simple solution is dependant on your programming environment. If its possible wit the language/system you are using then create an overlay that is black or gray in colour and make it transparent. Now use the "brightness" value to determine how opaque to make it eg: 10=100 (totaly invisible, brightest there is) 9 = 95 8=90 7=85 and so on. Its not the best solution but i have no idea what language you are using and i only have experience of web languages like HTML, PHP etc...so its just something logical to try


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