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How To Use Xampp To Test Php


Hi, I'm new at Xisto, and it's a good host, but there are too many forums so sorry if I got this is the wrong forum.

I am using Fedora 9 (Linux) and I want to test PHP locally and one of the moderators said XAMPP is good. I''ve got it installed and that, and I can go to the XAMPP page by going to LOCALHOST/xampp/ and logging in.

However, I want to know how I can use XAMPP to test PHP locally.

Any help would be appreciated.


Store your scripts/programs in the htdocs sub-folder under the XAMPP folder.
Then access the script using LOCALHOST/folder/script.php in your Browser. Be certain that the XAMPP Apache Server is running before calling the script.


I don't get what you mean by access the script. To go on XAMPP, in the Terminal, I type

su-root password-/opt/lampp/lampp start

Then I go to LOCALHOST/
To stop XAMPP, I do the above but type 'stop' instead of 'start'.

Thanks anyway, 'cause now I can test my PHP scripts locally.

EDIT: Oh, you're probably on 'bout XAMPP on Windows... Lol. I used Fedora more.


Dunno where XAMPP for Linux expects files to be... Generic Apache configuration on my Linux looks in /var/www for files and scripts... Maybe there? You should read XAMPP documentation, or configuration files, to see where XAMPP wants the files to be...


xamp problemHow To Use Xampp To Test Php

I am begginer in php.I installed xamp server and started the server now I dontknow how to run my first php basic program.

-reply by arsh


Try looking at this page towards the bottom. Shows you how to set up a local directory. Might be of help to you.



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