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Throw Me In At The Deepend Of Php


Basically I've decided to start (properly) to learn php (again). Lots of people have successfully learnt it but being thrown in at the deep end. and I was wondering what I should do and as usual my fist thought was "ask the Xisto community".]So I was wondering if someone on this forum could set me a mini project for me to do. Nothing hugely complicated just doing something which will get me using PHP (and mysql).Hopefully alex(theprogrammer) will help me out if I get stuck!


Alright here are some small projects for you to work on, they start out easy, but get harder:1. Redirect a page with php2. Parse a variable.3. Build a random page title chooser....4. Build a template in php and parse it AROUND the content of a page.5. Create a flat file shoutbox.6. Create a shoutbox with a database.taht should be enough to get your started.. lol


Read the list of files in a directoryList the images from that listDisplay those images as thumbnails with links to a full size imageRead a file of content for a Template system and parse the H2 tags to create the Page title for the page.Build a Spam-proof Contact form with a captcha system.More fuel for the fire... Good luck with the projects.


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