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Is it possible to make a Text Based game with only HTML and some PHP for chat?I dunno any languages besides HTML. =.= yeah Im a newbie.


Is it possible to make a Text Based game with only HTML and some PHP for chat?
I dunno any languages besides HTML. =.= yeah Im a newbie.

Well it depends on what you mean by text based game. If you mean some kind of adventure game where you are in a cetain location and you select an option for example:

you are in the castle and a dragon walks by:
a. follow the dragon into the dungeon
b. leave the castle into the wilderness
c. slay the dragon

Something like that could be done with a lot of html pages yes (kind of like the books that are like that). If you wanted a player base that you needed a login etc... you would need php.


Haha... reminds me of MUDs from back in the day...Most time I've ever spent on a library computer terminal.


Well, what kind of game. Dungeon games like alex suggested can be done with a ton of HTML pages. But if you want a more functional game, you must use PHP and some form of database or flatfile. I would suggest waiting a while before making a game considering you only know HTML. For a good game, you need HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, along with some SQL knowledge for your MySQL databases.


Text based games are good. Like everybody else has said, the coding required will depend on the style of your game and the direction you want to take it in.The basic programming knowledge you will need to make a text based game is of course HTML and PHP. You can use the HTML to link all your pages together and php for making it interactive with a database or to make it have action.If you want to make a super hardcore text based game then that would or could require a wide variety of of different coding styles.


yes it

Text Based Game


You can do text based games that are a lot more advanced than just selecting answers off questions.


Look around for web based mmorpg, you will find TONS. Good and bad. Most of them today are based on a common script that people adapt more or less successfully, (mafia games, pimp games, )and some others like afterdoomsday are built from the ground up in php. From what I read, it took 6 months of work for that one


-reply by tonkipu


I think this is a good one cause it just started and the market is not warp yetcorrupted-criminals.Com -reply by Lapu


Yeah, sure its possible. You can just use text files (read / write / open) instead of using a database to save your. The question is: whether its desirable or not.With text files, you would need one for each user at minimum, which can get pretty convoluted. There is always the issue of security (passwords open on the web).Or, if you trust that your users aren't lame, you can just use cookies on their local machines. As long as they will trust you not to use cookies for dishonest purposes, and as long as you trust them not to cheat (eg: change the values of the cookies, read them to predict the future, etc) I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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