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Know Of Any Good Php Tutorials?


Hi all this well be my first posting so hopefully I can get some good advise here. Can anyone tell me were there is a very good tutorial for php. I am good at self teaching from tutorials but i do hear php can be difficult so if anyone can lead me to a php tutorial that is as basic as possible i would be very pleased.p.s hopefully this post is in the right area :/


Welcome to Xisto! If you plan to stay around a while check out the readme file: http://forums.xisto.com/index.php?actE=01&HID=18

firstly i want to say that i found PHP fairly easy to learn, out of all the programming languages ive tried to learn (ive tried a lot but succeeded only in websites really) only HTML has been easier. IMHO PHP is much easier than any C based language, or javascript or Vbasic. I have written a few tutorials on this site that can be found in the tutorials section of the forums but for my begginner tutorial i saved it to my website: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ It will tell you exactly what you need to have installed and where to find it and it will take you from knowing nothing and introduce you to variables and how to use them and display things to the user and show you how to build a dynamic website (EG like: yoursite.com/modules.php?mod=page1 style).

That will teach you the basics. After that experiment with stuff and check out Tizag.com: http://www.tizag.com/phpT/syntax.php (to go to the absolute begginer part take off "syntax.php" and it will start from the basics.)

There are so many tuts at Tizag if you follow them all you will be able to use databases and read/write files, variables manipulation, arrays, loops, IF statements etc.... It really is a good site.

And thats that! A few tips: Download the XAMPP server package. As both links above say you need to have a server installed on your computer (it couldnt be easier i tell you!) Basically google "XAMPP" and download the installer for your operating system from the apachefriends website. That includes the Apache (web) server used to run PHP, the mysql server used for databases (you cant really use MS Access or anything like that for PHP, needs to be a server) an FTP server and a mail server. It's like a one click installer and you cant go wrong. I also suggest a syntax highlighted editor. My personal choice is PHPdesigner: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ totally free for non comercial works and its brilliant. Those are the two programs i use and ive never had a problem so far.

Good luck with PHP and if you have any problems just ask on the forums, there are a few of us PHPers around and always willing to help, and welcome to T17 Remember to read the readme!


I am not new to programming, I have done ASP and Java before. I am learning PHP together, but I have already set my mind on getting Larry Ullman's latest PHP book from Amazon. For now, I am just reading some tutorials on the web to familiar myself with how PHP works. This is a very good guide on what you might be looking for, not to mention fun to read too because the author doesn't bore with programming code all the time, there is a twist if you will.


But then again, I would prefer a book and Ullman is a very popular choice by a long mile. Speaking of which, I think I would go and make an order now



which book are you ordering?

I have used php and mysql for Dynamic Web sites and the php5 Advanced. Both are awesome.

Check out the Help Form here: http://larryullman.com/forums/index.php


Jlhaslip, I am ordering this book:

PHP 6 and MYSQL 5 For Dynamic Websites: Visual Quickpro Guide (3rd Edition)

However I am not sure whether PHP6 is out yet, would you recommend me getting this book?


Actually, no. At least not for awhile.I would start with the php5 and Mysql for Dynamic Web sites. It will be a little while until php6 is readily available.There are Hosts still using php4, although the php.net won't be supporting it, but php5 is far more popular right now.The conversion from php6, in your coding, will be minimal, so for the sake of 'learning', I'd learn php5 for now, since, as you say, php6 is not yet on the shelf.


So you would recommend PHP 5 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide? Apparently, there isn't a bundle of MYSQL and PHP on sale at Amazon. It is kinda weird though since PHP6 wasn't out yet, I wonder why Larry released a premature book?


The good source is: http://www.phpbuilder.com/ as many books imply!


So you would recommend PHP 5 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide? Apparently, there isn't a bundle of MYSQL and PHP on sale at Amazon. It is kinda weird though since PHP6 wasn't out yet, I wonder why Larry released a premature book?

I think it is available in the nightly builds over at php.net. Not sure since I have an XAMPP package installed, so i don't install manually. (easier).


I suggest you not to follow too much a guide or a book.Simply do some scripts and read the officlal documentation about the functions you need


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