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Mysql-essential-5.0.51 Installion Problem please help me.(urgent)


Dear friend, please help me. Iam working on php project (matchmaking site). I have downloaded mysql essensial 5.0.51. When i was installing mysql 5.0.51, i got following error - Error 1901: Error attempting to read from the source installation database: c:\windows\installer\527ec6.msi [retry] [cancel] What is solution of this problem ? Iam using windows xp professional version 2002 (service pack 2).Please post your reply.Iam waiting for your answer.


As per the shoutbox, google XAMPP, a single click installer.


Or, as an alternate option.

Go to http://www.mysql.com/ and download *.zip files.
Place it on your hard drive and extract by a zip app such as winrar or winzip or windows build-in zip feature from windows xp.

After that, please make a copy of my*.ini and place it to your windows xp system folder. That will be windows if you have not change it's name when you install it. A my-small.ini should enough on most situation if you use it for development only.

Finally, change folder to {MYSQL-DIR}\bin\ and type in mysqld-nt and press enter.
or run it as a windows service by execute this command:

mysqld-nt --install

and start it by use
net start mysql

Following are all steps:

Let's say mysql will be installed on c:\mysql\ folder, then hereafter, when I use {MYSQL-DIR}, it will represent this directory.

extract files metioned above, then,

C:> cd {MYSQL-DIR}\bin

C:\mysql\bin> dir03/18/2006 04:20p <DIR> .03/18/2006 04:20p <DIR> ..03/09/2006 11:10a 1,175,552 comp-err.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,302,528 libmySQL.dll03/09/2006 11:10a 1,413,120 myisamchk.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,318,912 myisamlog.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,335,296 myisampack.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,298,432 myisam_ftdump.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,359,872 mysql.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,269,760 mysqladmin.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,290,240 mysqlbinlog.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,261,568 mysqlcheck.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 6,283,264 mysqld-debug.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 4,472,832 mysqld-max-nt.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 4,468,736 mysqld-max.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 3,977,216 mysqld-nt.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 3,973,120 mysqld.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,298,432 mysqldump.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,265,664 mysqlimport.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,310,720 mysqlmanager.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,265,664 mysqlshow.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,363,968 mysqltest.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,601,536 mysql_client_test.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 40,960 myTest.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,171,456 my_print_defaults.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,150,976 perror.exe03/09/2006 11:10a 1,171,456 replace.exe 25 File(s) 47,841,280 bytes 2 Dir(s) 4,235,264 bytes free

C:\mysql\bin> mysqld-nt --install

C:\mysql\bin> net start mysql

That's all steps.



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