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Check This Great Animation Very good


I there! i just wanted to share this animation that i've found in the internet with you all because it's realy a great animation and if you ckeck the actionscript with a decompiler you can learn from it.



Thats really cool, i could have fun with that for hours (not really) but yea nice job by the way. I tryed to make something like that but with cars and exchanging the front ends and stuff but it didn't work out that well.


That is quite cool, I have to admit. Wish that I could do that...


This is pretty cool I must say - but I have a hint that I've seen something similar to that somewhere. but I can't remember now...


This is pretty cool I must say - but I have a hint that I've seen something similar to that somewhere. but I can't remember now...




It's really cool, I've seen it somewhere before also though... Mabye someone else has posted the link to it before, since the thread starter said he found it on the web. I can't get the hang of making something like that. I'm just a little slow with learning programming languages, I mean, it took me a week to completely understand and script PHP & MySQL together. Whereas a few friends learned it in two or three days.




Thanks to all for the replys.finaldesign, this animation wasn't made by me.If you see in the animation, there's a link to the author's website.I Just said i have found this animation, not that i've made.I Just thought this animation was cool enought to share with Xisto flash users.


Heavy duty programming involved I must say... cool concept I must say. I cannot never really master actionsctript. It's "very hard" for me. Maybe I don't have the talents for it. I'm learning it by the hard way though, howbeit slow. Wish I am smarter...


don't know if it's just me but the links sends you to a page i know only too well. The sites been suspended. no fun that and i hope it isn't yours.round


em this link aint working saying your user is suspended 0_o i realy want to see this


This Account Has Been SuspendedPlease contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.The Following may be the possible reasons ( If you are a Free Hosted Member ) :-   1. You were *inactive* at the forums or broken forum rules.   2. Your Account was in violation of TOS.   3. You do not have sufficient Hosting Credits or your credits got exhausted. If you are a member, Check out http://forums.xisto.com/index.php  for checking out your hosting credits.


You can try to write skeletondance at google and you'll probably find it easily...


i tryed the animation but it said your account was suspended


Yeah, suspended, I really want to see that animation.......


wats so cool it says account suspended


I don't think he wants us to see that. Maybe it was a cool animation. WE just have to wait till he gets his account back.


Ahh man. Its down. Can someone tell me or describe to me what it was. please.


Sorry guys, but my account was suspended because i was out for a few weeks, but you can see it a this adress:



Yea ive seen that on http://www.addictinggames.com/

<--- yaa 100 posts


Well i guess I can't see that any more since he got suspended I got suspended and got my credits up to 27.3 and i still could not get unsuspended. Hope he is back up soon.ThanskEric Drinkard


he posted that the 17th of october its now the 1st, of March so I assume he because inactive on the forums or something..............

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