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Killzone Template i dont play this game

Mr. Cheeky


theres a template i made in an hour or so.. give your comments and rate, i was trying to be original and i wanted a sort of long and narrow template. ill probably be joining some people and what ill do is post templates and it will have a countdown to when the template will be available to download like 2 weeks because if anyone wants to buy it as their own then they can but they will have limited time


nice, my friend makes templates a lot too, I think you know him, its like http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ or something, i dunno, but i remember ur naem from somewhere

Mr. Cheeky

yeah its fun making templates.. i used to make sigs for forums but then i realized web templates are much more skill-developing and people actually buy them. does your friend happen to be n3ptun3? if so, hes a cool guy. i talk to him on msn all the time and on gamerenders. thanks for the comments. i found a new way of selling templates that most people like and they are now using with me


yea, his username is neptune. He provides me with 1 gig of hosting. But, no mysql or whatever so i need this hosting from this site


like the template,to bad that the content is so emty,you got a good menu and so...but then do also something with the content


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