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Sig Portfolio Basic one..

Mr. Cheeky


^^ just made my sig portfolio ^^
i will post more sigs as i make more
what do you think of it so far? its a very basic layout but i just wanted to showcase my sigs basically


Lol, I really like the third one. That one's pretty =3 The second one, with Homer, was quite interesting. The first was nice. I mean, I'm not a big fan of those colors, but it's still pretty The layout is fine. I think the top with all the stars is pretty...>_>


lol yea... it is very basic. i think u need more content, and maybe a better way of sorting out the sigs


I lke your website..but what is the point in doing it?? Is it like a sig archive ??? Where all your old ones go so you can still show them to people even though your not using them ?Well anyways they are really good.


Nice site dude... luv the gfx... Yeah whats the point of doing it?...


Pretty cool dude. He prolly did it because of the same reason I would or anyone would. Because we are proud of our creations even if they are just small sigs.I would probably use my photobucket account for a sig gallery though but it's all good.


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