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Name Changes?


Is it possible for me to change my username, or will I have to ask Admin or a moderator to do that I as know that it would be inconvinient for him.Thanks for your time I would be grateful for your help.


You will have to ask an admin, try wassie or OpaQue (he is quite bussy tho)


PM the admin would help but it would probably annoy them because people are changing names they themselves signed up to, Well I got mine changed so you will probably get yours changed, they don't always change it for you though, bear that in mind


As I recall, because I've done it once. You are supposed to request it in the request hosting forum. At least that's what the admin told me to do. All you need to give them is your current Username/Domain name, and what you would like it changed to and they usually get around to it. I wouldn't PM the admin about it. He has stated that he is quite busy a lot of the time and that would be an inconvenience for him if you were to try it that way.


Thanx Ill try the request forum.


Just tell me what you want it changed 2 and ill change it k?


its allready changed


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