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Problem In .tk And Uni.cc Domain Names Refresh/Reload take you back to homepage


I have today noticed an annoying thing in .tk or uni.cc domain names. Whenever we are on the page other than the homepage of site, and we have refresh or reload the page; the homepage of the site is opened. Is there any way to solve this??????????


I dont think so.. I guess something is wrong from your side. or may be I havent understood what you are trying to say ? Many members at Xisto are using uni.cc and I dont think anyone else is facing such a problem.If they are then We might collectively mail them and ask them for a solution.


Dear admin, The problem is not for my site only. I have seen googlue.tk also. There is the same problem. Now I am again describing it with a example. My site is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and also on http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ . Suppose if you are on the CONTACT page of my site. And you have reloaded the page by reload tab of browser than instead of CONTACT page you will get the home page of my site.


i think it only does it for .tk because it masks the url. if you look inthe address bar, it always says the same thing if you click on a link on their page. Like if the website's googoobears.tk and you click on how to make googoobears, the url would still be googoobears.tk. but in uni.cc, if you use dns, googoobears.uni.cc would change to googoobears.uni.cc/makebears.html


What Solanky is telling is correct in fact. .tk masks your actual url. So the .tk address is always shown on the address bar. When you reload, it reloads the address in the address bar! So you go back to your homepage.However, this problem can be solved with .uni.cc I think. They have an option to unmask also. In fact uni.cc has 3 options.1. Webforwarding with masking (similar to .tk)2. Webforwarding without masking3. DNSIf you use the second option, your problem will be solved, I hope.The same options of webforwarding are also available on .co.nrSolanky, try experimenting and you will get it....Good luckGooglue


Googlue , you havd given nice solution. But I have found no option in uni.cc for webforwarding without masking. There are two options :- 1. Hide real address 2. Display real addressThe second option can solve the problem. But than the Xisto address will be visible. If you have find fowarding without masking option anywhere in this site please tell me.


Masking means you hide the real address...and there are not free sub domains thats offer you foward masking and letting you refresh on that page...there are some that can just foward your site but you have an option ofNot being able to refresh your page and land back on the same page, but have the url cover up your trap oneORBeing able to fresh but just have it fowarded to your site...not covering your trap url...Or you could just hve DNS which is not availiable any where now...not even uni.cc


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