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Hello admins teami have received a message saying that all account inactivewill be suspended. but i am always active here.so why did i receive such mail, i am really scaredcould you guyz help me out here.also i can't say how much i will be active now dayscoz my exams are gonna start in 2 or 3 daysand i have to prepare myself.so please dont mind if i can't be active muchbut i'll try my best to stay in touch thank you bye


And I have received a massage, and I am active here. When I want to go somewhere for some days what to do? Maybe I haven't computer in place where I spent my holydays.


Well, that is a generic message sent to all the members...You need to worry about it ONLY if you are inactive.Otherwise, just look at it as information. No need to get scared, the admin has been kind enough to inform what is happening at the forum to all.


Welli was just sored of worried...thats why i was just running my mouth....to calm down ,lolbtw...thanks any way for telling



i was just sored of worried...

thats why i was just running my mouth....to calm down ,lol

btw...thanks any way for telling


let's be all active


that would help!im active, how do you think i got up to 2nd in the army system before i ran out of turns?


Oh,god,It,s really a problem.I gotta so lots of mails from the admin.But I don,t know the standard of " Active " At least 1 post / 3 weeks. or 2 weeks or 1 weeks or else?


Staying active means.. you should know whats going on the forums and stay in touch. I really need members to be a part of the community. For this I am struggling hard to make the forums as entertaining and fruitfull as possible so that you have a good time here... If I put an inactivity limit, then I am afraid members will start abusing it. So the best thing I guess is that you stay in touch with the forums whenever you get some spare time. Trust me, I wont delete your accounts for no reason. I havent deleted accounts of members who were inactive for more than 2 months! But now, looking at the statistics, I wont be linent anymore. The only reason my site has survived inspite of loosing the high paying google ads is because of the Traffic it recieves. Advertisers came to know about this sites potential and they are willing to advertise. It doesnt matter what *BLEEP* payout they are giving but as long as this site remains on and fetches out its own hosting bills, I am satisfied. If I really wanted to make a fortune for myself, I would have closed this site a long time back when I lost google ads for my forums. Please stop thinking about activeness and *BLEEP* and contrinute your knowlegde. Your knowledge fuels our Hosting Service!


Im active....don't believe me ? Wanna bet ?I thought that message was just a sort of reminder ? To who ever IS NOT active...


Well.....nobody needs to worry, as long as they are active member hereyou can count me in...i am staying active as much as i can...bye


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