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How To Take Over The World How I would do it


Guys you are sending way too much time thinking about this. The world is too big to be affected by a single man. This has been proven time and again.

I quite strongly disagree with that. Look up a guy named Stanislav Petrov and you'll see that he basically prevented nuclear war between the US and the USSR.

And when was it first proven? It was never proven. History doesn't prove anything, but it does give good theorems. And "one man can't change the world" isn't one of them.


Now,for everyone who considers World War III NOT to be a little thing in this world: this article's at least stimulating and probably one of the better ones that are made here. True, it is all folly. But didn't we acknowledge that once we started?


but it would be useless if noone keeps record of things done and said.

Umm... read the past posts.


While I do not wish to comment on the thread itself other then the author has been very creative and has made a nice thread to participate in and get people thinking. (which is always good, we need to keep thinking as a race, as soon as we stop trying to thing in large scale terms we are doomed as a species) So Kudos to the author.


I think it's interesting that someone would post something like this actually. I myself have not been plotting to take over the world per say, but definitely leave my own mark and legacy throughout history. I am 22 years young and I have since the age of 15 one could almost call it an obsession with endeavor. I wish to create my own society and culture in the world, and at any cost I will do what I must to obtain this goal - or Die trying if it must come to such events. Even in the event of my untimely demise, others have already been enlightened by my views of the world around me and that has been all the more worth it for me if even I could reach just one person.


For many years I have worked extremely hard to make myself different from other people, as an individual and not following what others believe. Not simply because I wish to be unique, or different. Not even for attention as some would think of people around my age and a little bit younger then me. I think like no other I have met; I do not see things as gray. They are either off or on much like a binary circuit. No maybe, no middle-ground, no indecision. I loathe emotion itself so much that I have conditioned myself to control them and even repress them to the point of feeling nothing at times. My personal quote I use just about everyone even reads ''Sever Your Emotion Like A Defective Circuit'' - Much like the Science Fiction race known as the Borg, I believe that emotion is irrelevant. Attachments can make you a stronger person but they can also deceive you in the worst ways. I am a very analytical person by my own doing. I have always had an affinity for technology, science, science-fiction, history, language (especially German/Japanese/Latin), and almost any piece of information that I could get my hands on that I felt worthy to be known. I am constantly thinking; analyzing; running scenarios in my head of multiple things at once to determine outcomes to future events. I have become so efficient at this that I have to force myself to stop thinking or else it just goes on and on with no end because of my endless craving for information and understanding.


I will not try to portray myself as some sort of 'good' person. I will not try to portray myself as a 'bad' person either. I care little about what others think of my existence to be truthful. I am what I am and I will always be this way until the day that I die. Some of my views on things are completely against the grain with what most of the world believes or thinks is correct/good morale value (however you would like to classify it) and I do not mind this because what I believe in is more simplistic and at its very core is more for the advancement of our entire race, instead of the more common selfish goals of obtaining wealth; power; religious stature; political achievement; and outright greed that others seek.


Going back to the Borg for one last time, it was said that all others outside the Hive Mind are small and think in small terms. Now... I do understand that everyone has their 'thing' that they do well or field that they know a great deal about and probably have a great deal of genuine experience in and as a race of individuals with different dreams, goals, functions, and responsibilities I understand how such a statement like the paraphrased exert from the beginning of this paragraph could be taken the wrong way because everyone in their own mind usually feels that they are either doing some good or doing the best that they can with what is available to them in their existence at any given point across the expanse of time. But I believe in this statement fully. There are so many people who dedicate their lives to the most retarded things like being a corporate ceo or becoming the next rap star and other trivial, most unproductive pursuits. For those of you who are doing something with your life whether it be raising your children with -real- values and morales or saving people's lives in some way or another from being a law enforcement agent or paramedic to just making sure the power plant is running smoothly so that the hospitals in your area can run safely to promote the health and wellness of those who depend on them, this is not against you. You are genuinely helping society in a major way, person to person until the whole is one massive element of nourishment to the community that is humanity itself and on a larger scale, our living planet.


I'm sure out of all of the people who are members of this community that someone, somewhere in the world has watched the famous anime Ghost in the Shell and all of its variants spawned by the creation of the series. I believe in a Stand Alone Complex of sorts personally. (if you are not familiar with this, click the SAC link and refer to the wikipedia page and assimilate the information, specifically the last three headings entitled ''Stand Alone Complex'' - ''Relation to Social Theory'' - ''Relation to Teamwork'' | There are many references to the series itself but if you can read through them and pretend you understand what they are talking about you get the idea that is being conveyed.)


As a Society we are cheating ourselves big time. Sure we research and build constantly, but we only research and build things that we need because our society is so poorly managed globally. I believe that the governments of the world are controlled by greedy individuals with little or no intelligence. Anyone can sit through school and be educated in something - What you do with that education is another thing. Behind the scenes of the public view governments are controlled by other greedy individuals as well as Religious & Corporate (or business) Entities that make them crooked even further.


- Religion: Personally I think religion is a waste of time. You can believe what you want, I will not discount you as a person or discount your intelligence for believing in anything 'Religious'. Compare with me Celtic Druidism, The Greek Pantheon, Christianity (or a relationship w/Jesus Christ as some would prefer it be known as), and Paganism. Each and every one of these were/are nothing more then a method of control over those who were not as; 1. Intelligent 2. Observant - Or were Easily Influenced - Gullible. It has been proven that old school religions practiced methods of 'scare tactics' or technological innovations that others did not understand at the time to trick others into believing what they were proclaiming to be truth when in fact they were just trying to make a living or were one of the aforementioned flawed characteristics that led them into the situation in the first place that helped to spread the widespread disinformation that has happened throughout history in relation to Religion. People who believe in God, Multiple Gods/Goddesses, Deities, or the Planet we live on, and/or any number of other entities that you can think of that you must please to either have a life without constant torture or bad situations arising to having some sort of an afterlife that is achievable if you jump through enough hoops for your local pastor; Are just kidding yourselves. You either have too much time on your hands or need these things in your life to feel complete. I am here to tell you that each and every one of you are you own person and you get out of life what you put into it. I myself do not believe in any sort of religion. I am without a God, a Karma, a Soul, or anything that others who do believe in such things are bound to. And I live just fine. Sure we all have our ups and downs, but that is life. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect. They teach you in school at a early age that practice makes perfect, then later they tell you that No One is perfect. So why keep practicing? The bottom line on this is Live The Best Way That You Can Without Screwing Other People Over In The Process. I will remind you that this is simply my opinion and I know that some people may be unsettled or upset by my words. Know that I respect your wish to believe whatever you wish to believe, and if it makes your life more complete, then do it. Enough Said.


- Business: I personally believe that business is the most purest form of evil that the modern world knows today. It revolves around the greed of others and the mistreatment of those with little or nothing who are only trying to live a comfortable existence and not struggle between poverty and being a respectable person in society. The more we exploit each other the more degenerate our society becomes. And what is at the baseline of the entirety of the Global problem? Read on my friend...


- Money: Money itself both feeds Business and Religion in many ways/dimensions if you look at it correctly. I will not go into the different aspects of how but more why. Money is equal to power and influence in this society, especially among younger people, and definitely is a major influence to those who live in poverty stricken nations. You could go to say Cambodia and wave an American $100 bill in just about anyone's face and they would do just about anything for you probably. Money is a source of deception that desperately needs to be destroyed in our society. Now I know a few of you just thought in your head to yourself or maybe even out loud... ''This guy is nuts'' - Well Maybe I am, Maybe I am not. It is very hard to imagine a world where no one has money or works for money, rather the betterment of their local community and our race as a whole. Why is this? Look at yourselves. All of you. Basically the world around you has been built on money and the selling of goods. You yourself may not in any particular fashion be a greedy person, but this is the society you have been bred into and this is the way of life that you know. How many of you would really abandon money to make a statement? Probably none of you. What if you had a place you could go to where money has no meaning? Nice. The world sits around with advertisements shoved down their throats and pitfalls at every turn in their lives because of debt and things that they are driven by others to believe they must have that you are all like F'in 3 year olds stuck in front of the TV everyday obsessed with sponge bob - oblivious to the bigger picture that is life.



I believe that Cybernetics, Smart Machines/A.I.'s, and the expansion of our race into space should be our main targets to hit on when we think about an agenda that our race should work towards. If we stay on this planet, it is not a matter of prevention, it is a fact that we will be extinct one day. There are too many variables that could go wrong in our current society that can lead to our extinction even one second from now let alone 10, 20, 1 Million years from now. Hell, one nuke sent the wrong way could start a chain reaction of a global nuking that would destroy us. And all it takes are a few irresponsible people to make it happen. If we make our way away from Earth, and out of this solar system we have a better chance of survival if we are spread out some instead of staying on one planet or one solar system. There are still things in space that we know so little about that could destroy us and we could never see it coming. It only makes perfect sense to colonize other solar systems and make massive ships that people can have a real life on and explore. It's self preservation at it's highest level and most urgent level. I know the danger of our extinction does not seem imminent but that is just being vain. Cybernetics is one major path to our future in my belief because we are frail lifeforms. We die easily and we are very limited. But with our spirit to expand ourselves and survive teamed together with cybernetic advanced the possibilities and achievements for our race could be endless. Artificial Intelligence itself could advance our race dramatically, if controlled properly. I think some of us remember the end of the world discussion about A.I.'s taking over the world(I have a detailed post in that thread as well) Given the chance path of thinking and enough resources, an A.I. faction could potentially form and destroy us. This goes back again to us being somewhat feeble and frail creatures. Where we bleed, the A.I.'s will simply continue going. Any sort of conflict fought against Artificial Intelligence that is capable enough will be a war unlike any we have seen before and the destructive properties that could emanate from it could lead to the extinction or our race or some other calamity situation whereby we loose our freedom.


I am striving for a society and culture that is more involved in expanding our horizons of survival, knowledge, and understanding rather then disinformation, greed, gluttony, power, and discrimination. Anyways, if you would like to entertain this further with me, PM me. We can debate, argue, or I can give you more of what I think. Who knows, you might just be interested in becoming part of the project


Well seems like this post has diverted actually from the thing it worked for to build story how to take over the world. Well I would like to post something. In order to make our world better place and to improve the people in general and make our civilazitationj better we would have to make some sort of centralized government that is really important because only such government can do something similar to the sort of the world and centralizied governemtn can work on the global problems however problem here is that such government might invest in some sort and in the other sense to make more investment in some already developed regions this is main problem. Because if we work out some sort of principle where maybe even computers might split resources between different regions.Also I would like to say that because of the such things might and might not work we can tell by the communistic society organization because they were working on similar principle but the problem was that capitalism was so much strong that they made they attacks on inner security by suporrting student protests and so on. And in this way they udermind the inner security of state like Soviet Union which in fact was the largest country and probably the strongest at that time we can tell this by the fact that they had made so much advantages in science and so on as opposite to the scientist from the united states who did not made any significant advancement at the same time.

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