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How To Take Over The World How I would do it


There's some pretty good interest in this thread and it actually is and has been for quite some time one of my favorite topics, so I'm going to give it a 5 star for ya. I want to strongly recommend a book for everyone to check out of the library or online called The Gods of Eden by William Bramley. In it he discusses the continual enslavement of the humans on Earth for eons and how it's so easily accomplished. It's really a lesson in history as well as war tactics and generally should be the bible for anyone who wants to take over the world. It's still in print and it looks like it's about $8 new, paperback. Thanks for this topic Glenstein!


Of course this country has its history, its heritage, and its cultural integrity and is only a "beggar" in the sense that it is crippled in debt accumulated from interest and loans, and in dire need. The people were merely being offered a solution to violence, a way to move forward and out of the chaos that ravaged them. But it is true that there was a culture of opposition that made itself most known through violent rebellion and populist politics (which will be dealt with in the next post). This opposition had to be answered by propaganda, by being declared terrorists and surrounding one side of the conflict with stately legalized formality, but this was a true and major, and long running problem which again, will be covered in the next post.I think it's so evil that eventually one of them will backstab the others. And there's a few variables that can't exactly be guaranteed. E.g. becoming president of the United States. You might as well flip a coin sometimes. And even when that happens I doubt that no one will catch censoring of the press like that in the US. And... the UK 'liberates' the rest of Europe?

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wow lol an evil mastermind lol very amusing to read actually hehe i like this topic

If you want to become an evil mastermind there is a very important text to read, "If I Were The Evil Overlord..." by EvilRulers.com. This is a very amusing text, but there is also alot of important tips. I know this is for evil overlords, but to become an evil mastermind, you need to know this text in your head .


EvilRuler.com - If I Where The Evil Overlord...

This is a Must read!


till now i think that not anyone of those so called business tycoons have tried, seriously to become a president. maybe for them it is not as lucrative as making millions daily.
now, i know that the status of the people of United Statas of America is way to better than our Democratic Republic of Congo counterparts but still there are always something that people crave for and think that their government is not providing them with that. now if someone like bill gates suppose spends his wealth in United States of America as generously as our so called "Leader" does in Democratic Republic of Congo then i think it can change the tide in his favor. i think people will support him thinking that if he becomes a president then he will increase their living standard manyfolds since he is doing so much when he is not even a president. correct me if i am wrong, but that is what i think should happen according to me.

Well I suppose you're right. But still, presidents are supposed to be able to relate as much as possible to the common man. That's why they're always supposed to say nothing about the real issues while you can read Senate hearings where the parties will vehemently keep one stance on them. If I were an average day white collar worker in the US, I doubt I'd vote for the billionaire because he'd appear to serve business interests more than mine -even though recent presidents seem to enjoy that trend anyway. I propose the argument that running for President of the United States of America is infeasible simply because a rich man can serve as the power behind a democratic throne, but cannot be it unless he is some national hero or similar rare exception because of people's alienation from the individual and politicians' fears about mixing business and direct politics even more.
Oh, and it's hard to increase the living standard of people who consider a house, TV, and telephone line necessaries. ^^

Can we assume that the Great Leader has read the EvilRuler.com entry? It's very practical.


There is no fast way to take over the world. Even taking over a country requires someone to be in the right time and in the right place. Like Hitler (which is considered the world's biggest public speaker) and the nazi party or the communists. Certain conditions must be met for the change of power.And if there is any way anyone could take over the world in his own lifetime he MUST have lots and lots of money. Today's world is all about the money, the green stuff makes the world go around.So the basic condition for taking over the world is having mountains of money, just like Bill Gates has (by the way... with 50 billion dollars he could buy half of Africa).The second thing you must have in order to take over the world is an idea. Since I and I'm sure you too don't have our own personal army, someone must have a brilliant idea for rulling the world.And the troubles don't end once you take over the world... A political system must be put in place, hopefully one that does not include tiranny, a cult of personality or any other evil you may find in the political systems of the communists for example.Above all that someone must make sure he holds on to power since he will make a lot of enemies. A long civil war is something you wouldn't like to be remembered by.Well returning to the real world... no one will ever rule the entire world. Some (far more brilliant then you and me will ever be) like Alexander the Great has already tried to atke over the world by force and discovered that people don't like beeing ruled by a foreigner. So rulling the world in from of the cameras is out of the question.The only way someone could rule the world today is from the shadows, by controling the world's economy. Or maybe when the globalization process will end people will not be so afraid of foreign rule. I gues time will tell...


taking over the world by what method u say is really impossible and i dont think any way practically possible if you use such explanation ,unless there are many big twirls in this and the entire concept of taking over world by making a planned effort breakthe best method to take over the world is to become bill gates like rich ,being the richest person is the first step ,thius richness would come from technological advancement in the respective field of business and after being the richest person in the world the person has to do a lot of charity but yet make sure that he remains in the number 1 position in the world ,after making charities and creating a lot of good will he has to run for the presidential election and win that election by burning billions of dollar for campaigning ,after winning the presidential election the person should become a powerful entity in the world by being the strongest member of the united nation organisation ,after which he has to spread his business in all countries in all fields ,make all countries completely dependent on him for economy,employment and all that stuff ,after which he has to trade the lands of countries with them for money and bribe billion dollars to all people in power and be the guru of the entire king af all the countries and if any country rejects do a war and conquer it as a war of humanity after which do a lot of god stuff to gain people confidence and yes his dream to conquer the world finishes here

amit nigam

hi friends,after reading the last two posts i am convinced even more that it is almost impossible to have control over the world through these means...actually one of the biggest hurdle is i think the fact that a bird likes free skies more than a gold cage....what i mean by that is that even if our leader provides the people of democratic republic of Congo all kind of facilities and money, still they would never like to be ruled by a foreigner. it is basic human nature and i think it is the major instrument in keeping the integrity of different nations...also suppose if we can somehow get control of the whole world then it will be much more difficult to sustain that....setting up governance techniques which will not allow corruption, high-handedness etc. is very tough.anyways...it is quite an interesting topic....ok bye...keep on writing....


taking over the world by what method u say is really impossible ... the best method to take over the world is to become bill gates like rich ...

Umm... ok? That's basically the method glenstein assumed with a few patches to it. You don't become president by burning billions on a campaign. It helps, but it does not determine victory. You become president by getting the confidence of your voters. And being part of a large, multimillion dollar corporation does NOT help you get the vote of the average day laborer and white-collar worker.
amit nigam, you are assuming that nationalism always determines that foreign rule is something to be avoided at all costs. Then how on earth did the Roman Empire and Persian Empires become so powerful? Perhaps it is best to analyze why foreign rule can endure so long. If foreign rule is beneficial to both ruler and ruled, obviously the nationalistic tendency is suppressed. Also, most people actually just don't care. In any given nationalistic uprising, only a small minority of people participate actively against the government. Take care of these few before they get the support of the population, and there's no more effective opposition to the foreign government.


sorry sorry sorry. I just want my next update to sufficiently answer concerns here. I've been pouring over the philosophy lately, and I will be sure to set aside time for a good response, which will involve as much of the discussion as possible. Just wanted to update so it is known that I haven't disappeared.


Hmm... I think that greed is the best way to take over the world. Everybody wants something.A rich person could fuel the greed of others. That rich person could then make huge promisesto the greedy people. When the rich person fails to make those promises come true, he or shewill blame it on another nation. The greedy people will wage war against that nation. Both the greedypeople and the blamed people will become weak from war. Now, the rich person has the opportunityto take over both the greedy people and the blamed nation.The real trick here is to make people think that they will get something good, and somebody or somethingis preventing them from getting it. Those people will fight to get that good thing, even though it may not exist.The person attempting this should be careful. Taking over the world could affect it in a positive or negative way.A negative way may erase human civilization. After all, we live in an age where atomic bombs exist.Some other tips would be to use cold reading when talking to the greedy people. Search on google if youdon't know what it is. It is basically a technique that makes you look like a fortune teller, even thoughyou may know nothing about the person you are talking to.Also, it is easier to take over a country based on its shape. A country like Chile is very long and thin and has many islands.It would take longer to get any military forces through all that compared to a country like Poland, which is a smalland circular landlocked country.Taking over a country gives you access to its resources, which enable you to take over more difficult countries.Beware that it would be difficult to keep your grip on the country because somebody else could take it away fromyou just as easily as you took it away.Just some thoughts.


I wouldn't see a reason to take over the world. I mean even if you do, the hassle is not worth it. Although this was pretty interesting to read...


Hmm... probably the greatest stumbling block for this type of thing is that you have more than one group of people trying to take over the world at the same time. Granted only one can even possibly accomplish the feat, but the groups will try to eliminate each other either by alliance systems or something resembling wars of attrition. So not only do you have actual countries combating the world-dominator-to-be, but you also have other potential candidates trying to level each other off as well.Also, when you DO finally take over a country, it becomes harder to take over another. I can't think of a better example than the Bolsheviks in the 1917 revolution. By taking over Russia, they made nearly every Western nation concerned about possible communist uprisings in their nation. The key case in this is Post-WWI Germany, which almost fell to the Sparticist uprising but didn't because a majority of the populace saw a similar case as in Russia. In other words, since a group did get the job accomplished, people start fearing and working against that group in order to safeguard their own rights. It's basic human nature.So it's an uphill battle all the way. You take over one country and the world gets suspicious. You take over another, and the whole world's against you. But this is assuming we're using force to take over countries. Perhaps there'll be a different case for other methods, but I'd like to see a counterexample nonetheless.


lol very funny i do believe I saw this thread but only read it till today!! that was a well thought out plan. post back and tell us how it goes. If you get only one phone call and no internet in the high security prison, call me and I'll post the news up for you :P


How would you feel if someone used your plan to take over the world? Would you try to sue him / her?


Tell you what. Go ahead and try one of the given examples or methods posted below.We won't sue you. Promise.Not to mention that if you *did* actually take over the world,what's the point of suing you in court then?


Extremely well thought out - excellent job. With a good enough private army, you actually could carry out that plan. Not that you should!! But I see nothing stopping you. Magnificent job. That plan, actually, was like Hitler's plan. Congrats!!! You think like the most power-hungry, destructive, cruel man in the world!!No just kidding. Anyway, nice thinking.


Glad someone else in this world has world domination plan's. i would post my plans but there not written down maybe i shall write them in a book one day.It was very interesting to read your post, possibly one of the better threads ive read on any forum recently.


Eh, at least give us the title of your book when you've published it.Hey glenstein, what happened to the update?


Guys you are sending way too much time thinking about this. The world is too big to be affected by a single man. This has been proven time and again.


I am just interested whether anyone keeps record of what have everyone said and how does leader is working on his plan to take over the world. It funny though. I would like to add some of myself in it but it would be useless if noone keeps record of things done and said.

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