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My Best Games Ever Personal review of games played in past and now


This is more like an overview of classic game styles and games that had a mayor effect on future games development. Reason why i didn't use different topic name is beacouse i think this overview is way to much subjective to have any other - more serious topic name. Another thing i should mention is that i have never been anything more than a noob in most of (Multiplayer) games here. Since i'm living in Croatia, somewhere on the internet i saw a short description of Croatia that goes "Former comunist country".I laughed at it but there is some truth to it. Even as it has passed more then 15 years of our "independance" broadband internet like DSL or Cable is around for less than 2 years. So most of my time spended gaming around are single player and LAN playable games.First major game ever i have played was Warcraft 2. At that time i just got Pentium 133 with 32 megs of ram and 1 Mb Video Card. That was some Kick 'rse machine. My computer skills at that time was beeing able to double click shortcut icon of War2 in before Win 3.11 later 95 and finaly 98.. Most of the games described below were played on this machine I upgraded it later with Voodoo 2 3d acclerator and more RAM (I guess 64). Yes, i remmembered the HDD had 1.2 Gb.. That was the worst mistake i made, but the difference in price between 1.2 and 1.8 or 1.9 was about 100$. Those were the days :|Warcraft 2 (RTS) was not the game i have played too much but the reason i mention it beacouse that is where i got my micro-macro skills (with mouse and keyboard of course) ballanced. But it was a fine game with addictive story. Well, now we even have WoW greatly based on War 1 and 2 stories (and Diablo 2 skill sistem).At that time Duke Nukem 3D (FPS) was the revolution. Somebody figured out that in 3d games people can jump and there it was Duke 3d. That cool guy with his RPG and jetpack flying around kickin alien scum. That was great even for multiplayer, although mouse in that game vas really bad idea to play with, and with all those additional functions like hologram steroids and jetpack it was hard to catch it if u had one hand on keyboard and one on mouse.Those games rocked, but those games couldn't make me mad.. The games i played that really know how to make me mad were Diablo (2), Fallout (2). At that time role playing games as i remember didn't have any real good representative unlike rest of genres. Mostly FPS, and adventure games.NFS at that time was one of the best driving arcades and before Colin McRea Rally there were no real driving simulations. Well not that i can remember of.Diablo 2 (RPG).This was the game in which i spended hours and hours playing and gathering items. Since i didn't have money for Original (I hope those Blizzard guyz won't be mad) i couldn't play Battlenet. That was really bad, but i had only 56k internet so playing on Bnet was kinda hard anyway. But that single player was awsome. I know lot's of players really hate diablo beacouse of it's hackandslash character. That is totaly true. Good mouse with durable keys was really valuable when playing diablo. But all of that clicking would pay off since the first unique, set, or fine rear item pops out. I remember cleaning that Arcanium Sanctuary for 15 time in same game beacouse once some creature droped powerfull sword but i lost it somehow, i don't remember how....I'll wrap it up for now..More games i'll write about later: Fallout, Baldurs Gate, Starcraft.. and more.Plz don't be to hard on me if i didn't mention some games u liked, u r free to comment them. I probably played it to but just didn't like it that much.If u are going to comment some game, then try to find a game from that period...


After playing and not beliveing how good those games are, a friend of mine brought me Fallout. He said that it's 100 times better than Diablo (which he hated anyway) and that i just have to play it. Ok, i said. I installed the game and started playing.
Result was me stuck at home for 20 days until i have finished the game till the end. Reason that i got so much attached to that game was the whole ambient in the game. Post apocaliptic earth, after nuclear war, mutants, radiation, and general despair in game, you in a role of a savior of your Vault, unexperienced without any idea of what's waiting for you in "real" world..
And so you start, gaining your first experience points solving first quests and begining to realize how nothing is as it look like. The story unfoldes and you become more than you have ever expected.. You save the world from mutant domination. Well evil mutants anyway.
I started crying when i finished it beacouse i knew -- no more.

Another role playing game, but different than Diablo, and Fallout was Baldurs Gate 1. When i started playing and creating my first fighter character i was confused with all those skills and rolling numbers to provide best combination for your class, beacouse i noticed that sum of all skills isn't always the same. I thought that was some kind of error but later i found out that the game is based on Ad&d rules. For those who don't know what's ad&d check it out here.
It was a great game beacouse you could play with 6 characters simultaniously and PAUSE was a briliant way to "simulate" thinking in real D&D. Played it, finished it, and i was kinda disapointed with the end, but it was most realistic end of all games (except maybe Diablo 2, but those Blizzard guyz always make games for a sequal...)

I'll just make a quick notice here of Fallout 2. It had all things which a good No.2 should have, just i didn't have much RAM and a good proc to play it beacouse it had mayor long loading and saving times... Well i almost finished it anyway (except Enclave, it was impossible for me to play there). Now all my hopes are for Fallout 3 which will never come out. (Fallout BOS was piece of junk).
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (unknown to me) Don't play this game, it's way to much addictive...

Later.. Starcraft, Quakes, and just a small review of games "evolution" from 1996 till 2006....


ah.. starcraft (RTS). what can you say, those blizzard guys know how to make a good game, or better said great game. starcraft is real time strategy, placed in unknown time in unkown galaxy. maybe some people know the names of the galaxy but that is relevant to gameplay. story is not important for this game, even it is a great story. that story can be used for some great movie, that i hope it's gonna be made one day. three races, terran's - the humans, distant relatives of our colonial brothers, protoss - energy beings of great power and wisdom, and zerg - a spore evolving creatures that lurk under ground hide in shadows of bushes waiting for the first chance do bite your leg of.


for some reason those three races are in conflict, over territory and pride which one of them is number one in galaxy. battles seen in the game, played under some awsome players, can take your breath away. stamina, speed and good tactics are the key roles in being the best of the best in starcraft. some ppl call it "modern chess", and that is quite true, but the time factor and speed are added to tactics, and that made one of the toughest games ever made. players who are good at starcraft easily become best players in any other RTS, even other genres.


i spent nights and nights on battlenet trying to improve my skills, but i thought of that as an useless job. i just couldn't find my game. i wasn't bad, playing protoss, but the guys i played with were just awsome. the joy and happines you get from playing a GG (good game), can only be measured by joy of wining that game, and for me it didn't happen often.

terrans were my pain in the behind, and tanks/marines/scv/bunk strategie was the one i feared most. i thought of it as unfair, but i got over it by learning new tactics and skills. zerg was no match for protoss, but some players playing zerg just didn't have an equal opponent. they were "The Best Of The Best".


Fast building, evolving new hatchery, zergling spawning and fast fast attack was just awesome. Micro of those players was counted at 400 APM (actions per minute). At my best i had about 90-120. Some say it's to little, but APM wasn't that big factor. even now almost 10 years after starcraft was published there is still bunch of players playing it. it's kult game, which is still improving. last time i played it, i was amazed by time reduced in building and gathering materials. You just can't spend it no more. I'm older now, not to old, but old enough to know that my Starcraft dream is over. Well growing up and stuff like that replaced it, but even now i have that earge to play it and be the best. What can you say, first love stays forever.


This is probably one of the last articles of "my best games ever", and i kinda see now that i didn't really play that much games in my life. It's just the ones i played were so great, that in mean time i didn't even have the time to look for other games! Even with all of this i wrote, i could probably write just this topic to get credits for life time, but i promise that my future posts can maybe consist of same games, but are gonna be different as my English writing skills improve!


Games to follow Duke Nukem 3D, Quakes...


My ever BEST game is the RESIDENT EVIL.I like this game very much, I successfully completed all its stages and played this game daily.My second best game is the GTA. I also liked to play this game and I too played daily.


for adults What games did you play when you were young

My Best Games Ever


These are for the adults I want to know what type of games people played when they were young like hop scoth, jump rope or if you did have video games


I would love to hear your your answers


-reply by tara


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