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Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate Of The World RO in 3D with new additions and improvements


Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World


from what i saw from some sites, its full 3D, graphics not too bad, they improved the gameplay somewhat and also introduced new systems. However i'm not too sure on the details. looks great though.


i heard its already out in korea..or was it japan. if you would like some info about it, you can check out wikipedia.


anyone has any info on when the english version is coming out? i really want to try it.


RO2 should come out of korea [since RO1 came from there]. Unless Japan was bored and made RO2.I've heard the korean RO2 is arleady in open beta since the beginning of this year. I belive that RO2 in english should come probably late 07'. But that would probably be in beta too.. so possibly alpha won't be out till 08'. Just keep your hopes up for RO2, its worth the wait. Seriosuly.Suggestion: Google RO2 and drool at the screenshots and videos.


ahhh yes i remember playing ro.. its probably the most addictive of all mmorpgs. well it was for me anyway lol. i'd sit at the pc for hours at a time playing that game, din sleep until early mornings on a number of occasions. i'm afraid that when ro2 comes out, i'll be stuck yet again playing the game. it took me ages to get off teh first one, with the graphics and races in the sequel i cant help but loath it. it reminds me of wow in a sense, but being that it has anime like chars instead draws me more to this kind of game as i love anime rpgs. can't wait to see more info on this game, especially on the other races you can use. looks awesome, really awesome.


Lol wow I haven't played RO in quite a long time. That seems pretty cool that they are making a RO2. I think I might check it out when it comes out for beta, that is if the beta is open for public. Seems pretty need that they decided to work with it a little more. Though once it comes out of beta there will already be people working on private servers . I think I might get it hehe.


I've played the RO, not the 3D and I find it boring after i reach my Assassin class job. RO2 is just 3D give the same type of monsters, just 3D, probably with some additional monsters. However I might try it till I get bored since I have nothing else better to do. Haha.


Fighting in RO2 is NOTHING like RO1. You actually have do do something. (Walking up to a mob, even if it's 1/2 your level and mashing keys will get you dead. You have to move around, avoiding them, while using skills and such)RO2 is a prefer game for me to play over so many others, even though it is extremely buggy at this time(private server, almost a beta version of the korean beta)


Altough this game isn't fully ready yet there is a private server



I found RO pretty boring. Lets hope RO2 better. The one I hate about RO is the enemy far too strong and when we kill them, it gives tiny tiny bit of experience points. Well, I hate when I kill 1 enemy, I gain 0.0blablabla% points and when I died, I lost 1%!


Thats not really true, most mmorpgs have higher level training more of a hassle. Comparing Ragnaork to Maplestory, In maplestory, its normal to be getting 0.03-0.04% per kill while in ragnarok your expecting about 0.25% per kill or even more depending on what monsters your killing.To me Ragnarok has better exp per kill than other mmorpgs 

-reply by Matt99


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