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Info On The Best Rpg's Coming From The Ps3 Share your comments


So far from what i've seen i think that Final Fantasy 13 and Grand theft Auto 4 will be two of the best. but that's just my opinion.


i say Final Fantasy 7! the remaked version. the story is great, the gameplay not bad..but i don't quite like the battle system, not sure if they changed it but the previous one was a turn based system. Now the remaked version has the great story and even better, kickass graphics! its almost on par with the animation quality of Final Fantasy: Advent Children the animation~ i don't think there's an official trailer for it yet, but if you want to take a look at the graphics, there is a tech demo for it that you can find on youtube.comhmm.devil may cry 4 is great too! go check out the trailer, i don't have the site but just google it, sweet~


The remake is not going to happen not matter who says square enix change there minds about it.Well there is Metal Gear Solid 4 which should be interesting game to play this x mas i think.


the new final fantasy is good its like the 12 but better. the kingdom hearts too is a good one but its more serious than the previous 2.


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