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Play Xbox 360 On Hd Laptop What cable do I need?


Hi,I've recentley got myself an xbox 360 but unfortunatley my TV isnt an HDTV (getting one soon) so I can't play in HD which I've heard is much better.Luckily, my laptop is 1080p HD and has got a large screen (for a laptop) but I don't know how to connect them :)Any ideas?Thanks in advance


The only way i know of is if you get a usb tv tuner input box. They are expensive $100 or so.




$100?! lool i think i'll just save my money and get a hdtv :lol:thanks anyway


Lol, no problem, once you get it up on the hdtv you will definently see the difference it is %500 better


Yeah, I wouldnt go for the external tv tuner, because you really wont enjoy playing your xbox on it because it creates a 1 - 2 second lagg, and that really spoils the game. Believe me I tried it a about a year or so with the first xbox.


You can try one of these:


info here


in Australia there about $40


this equip needs to be included in the box of the console


Might be too late for the original poster, but there is a device that has been out for a while that can do this, minus the HD part. It works for what it does, and is in-expensive. There's also no lag as stated before. That happens when you try to do this with a regular tuner or PVR, because they buffer the playback, which is what allows you to pause "live" TV. If you have a Tivo or similar device, watch an analog feed on another TV at the same time and you will see it's about 5 seconds or so behind. That is why. Anyways, the device is the Adaptec GameBridge AVC-1400. There is also a 1410 which is the game adapter plus it adds a tuner. It should be noted again that this does NOT have HD inputs. You are only going to get that out of a true tuner, and then you will have the lag.



interesting, never really thought u could do that.


I just brought a new 37" tv and it is a HD television...it works fine watching channels, and dvd's....but when I use it with my xbxo360, and with the settings on the xbox360 in pal60 mode, the picture quality is reduced dramatically. The text is a bit fuzzy, and the general picture isn't as good. But when it's in pal50 it looks great....and I have just brought halo 3 and you have to run that in pal60 Do I need a special HD cable for my xbox to support HD play?? idk why it's doing it....any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks


Its *only* been 4months... But I saw my bro buy a HD cable before he could play his xbox 360 with HD. So I think you need the cable-reply by anonymous


Hey just get a game bridge. Its small not that expensive and worth it ^___^-reply by koolkidx



Play Xbox 360 On Hd Laptop


Replying to nutronNO those don't work all they do is jack up your laptop I tried it yesterday and it was hell to get my laptop back to normal.


-reply by UglyOgre0913


What About an HDMIPlay Xbox 360 On Hd Laptop

I have an HP Dv7, and it has an HDMI port, I know that it is an HDMI out, so I can plaug my laptop into an HDTV, can it also be used as an in, so that I can plug my 360 into the laptop and play on the screen?



should doPlay Xbox 360 On Hd Lapto  tekgems.com/Products/et-36449-vid-dc60-bp.htm this is a perfect cable and should do the job 


most or usually all of the ports you find on a laptop are External ports. Meaning they only send signals Out. The HDMI, the VGA. Only if you have a built in tv tuner does it Receive signals, even with that, you have the lag of computing the signal and displaying it on the screen. But technology is improving, so who knows. 

-reply by nate


laptop screen viewing of xbox 360Play Xbox 360 On Hd Laptop

there is a special cable you can buy for about 15-20.00 called a component pc connector cable or something, it will connect your xbox 360 directly to the laptop


-reply by danny ladd


Xbox on Laptop ScreenPlay Xbox 360 On Hd Laptop


 ...Works for me.


if you have an HD cable that connects to the xbox, then you should be able to plug it into your lap top (considering that your lap top is HD)


get an hdmi cable, plug it into your xbox, plug the other end into your laptop, depending on how new your laptop is... 

-reply by Matthew

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