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One More Thing Crossed Off The Ps3's Pros List! Yup, storage is no longer a factor in choosing between the 360 and the


I have been waiting for this, Microsoft have announced at X06 Korea that they are bringing out a 100 GIG HDD for Xbox 360 yey, release date in korea is March 06 but no news of the UK or USA release dates. This (for me) in another nail in the ps3's casket.


Scource Engadget


If you've been hankerin' for a bit more room to stash pr0n Xbox Live downloads and other various medias on your 360, and you're not so keen on squeezing in a backup solution or dealing with a frumpy external drive, it looks like you're in luck. Microsoft just announced a 100GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 at their little X06 shindig in Korea, and the drive should be making its way to shelves -- at least in Korea -- by March of '07. There's no info on price yet, or really much info at all, but when has a PowerPoint slide full of Korean characters and lame-fonted "100 GB" overlays ever steered you wrong?


Ill be getting both of them once the price drops, and I know that will be a long time from now. I can't resist the new systems, no matter what theyv'e got in them. Well, except nintendo, I'm not to fond of them. Though I might get the Wii. But as for the 100 gig storage, I just use my systems for gaming, I don't go live or anything, and I'm too poor to have alot of games to save alot of them, so I don't see I will be needing something that big. But I'm sure alot of fans will love it.


I thought the same way as you when i got my 360, but you find that your Hard drive fills up with stuff from Live. Right now i only have about 2 gigs left because i have 18 demos and some movies all downloaded from live for free! When you get one, i **think** you will find that storage goes rather quick


That's pretty interesting. How much more is it going to cost or is it remaining the same price? If it remains the same that's pretty cool. I'll probably get PS3 anyway though if I do get either of them. Probably just because I have used it a lot more than Xbox and has less buttons Doesn't really matter to me anyway, a console is a console to me and I'd be just fine with PS2 if they continued the games.


Im wondering on the price too, i hope it doesn't follow the 20GB hdd=$9920GBx5=100GB100GB=$99x5=$495!Im sure it is going to be cheaper than that though. The 360 doesn't have as many buttons as the Xbox, they got rid of those stupid black and white buttons, so now it has the same as PS24xSholder buttons (2 of which are triggers)4xOn face buttons (A B X Y)2xJoysticks1xFour way directional pad


I didn't think the 20GB filled up that quick. But the price for the 100gb one is probally gonna be real expensive. I am hoping to get a 360 or ps3 when the prices goes down. But i am sure ps3 will probally release a bigger hard drive a while after the release.


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