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Forbidden Filenames ???


I'm really interesting to know if Xisto has some forbidden filenames?

I have a lot Real Media (.rm) and zipped files which are parts of my website so will I have an opportunity to upload them and won't see in FTP-client words "Forbidden filename"? Thanx to all who will reply


As i know then Xisto haven't Forbidden filename but you can give warning from admins about files which bigger 5mb !


No Xisto.com doesn't have any forbidden file names like most free webhosting solutions. Xisto gives you untapped resources that are out of this word. But please don't abuse your power. No Copyright protected material and music.ThanksEric Drinkard


The only reason big files are not allowed because, we are running on shared resources. If I allow all members to upload huge files, The performance will go down. Imagine, if 100 people ( across various accounts ) downloading 10 mb file. It will really screw up the other people who have come to visit the sites.. You are requested to shift to paid hosting if you really want to post that kinda huge files.


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