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Help! Not Able To Install Half-life 2 : Episode One


I bought Half-Life 2: Episode One from a retail shop for 700Rs (approx. US$15)The pack had five CDs and a cd key. When i tried to install the game, it installed an application named Steam and then I activated my copy of Game with the CD Key. After that the application started downloading the game from the internet rather than installing it from the cds. Since I have a very slow internet connection it would take several weeks for me to download this from their site, will some one kindly provide me a way to install the game from the cds instead of downlading it from the internet.


I've never tried to install a Source game with CD's, so I can't give you a exact answer. I would hope that the CD's have a installer that you can run. If you can at least get the main files installed, you can start the game through steam in offline mode. Steam's nice to have for those games, but I totally know what it feels like to have a slow connection. You could check on the steam forums and see if they have a thread on this subject or not.


I think i know whats going on...Since HL2 Valve software are being MEGA paranoid about pirate copies of their software so they designed this system called "Steam" to try to catch people using pirate games..I got caught out like you with HL2 because I didnt have an internet connection..this made it IMPOSSIBLE to install the game!! FFS!! I had to get in a taxi with my WHOLE pc tower then plug it into the net just to install a game I just bought!!It works like this..When you install HL2 first of all you install Steam then it installs the game itself..When you run the game Steam is Automatically loaded up and connects to the internet and looks for a newer version of Steam..It will then update itself..you should see an "Updating Platform" message..When this is done Steam will then look at the game your trying to play and check that out too..what its doing I dont know but its making some kinda unique hashkey that it then stores in the Steam program.It then connects to the net again and then gives you a "Encrypting Game Data" box.This is the part that took ages for me!! even on a fast connection..it took twice as long as to install the game itself!!! you can stop this proccess and it will resume from where it left off....When this is finally done..then Steam will scan the server for any patches and updates to that game..and also automatically download them for you!Depending how busy the servers are..or if a patch was released that day or a few days before..this will take a while to get the latest patch...and you dont seem to be able to download the patches from anywhere else anymore..only Valve..So I am afraid you will just have to sit back and wait for Steam to do its stuff and download and encrypt everything before you can play...even if you never want to play it online..only in story mode...I even phoned Valve from work the next morning to complain bitterly about this system...they reffered me to the box to point out the minimum specs panel on the box (yes we never read em!!) and it says as well as a beast of a pc with top specs...you need an internet connection to play the game..it does state it on the box..so they think they are covered from all blame!!!Grr!!At least its a cracking game when you finally get it going!@!@Have fun!!Marky;)


Thanx for the help MarkyMark.Will you please tell me how long it took for you to complete the entire process and the Internet connection speed you used.


the unswer to that problem in preatty easy, the games that valve relace are no completly funcional, so valve relace updates that user must downloadbefore playing the games.That download that appears when you open the program is the update dounloadwhich in the episode one is very nessesary for some graphic cards. So i suggest you to download the update so you can play perfectly well.


suggestions to install half life 2 episode 1

Help! Not Able To Install Half-life 2 : Episode One


When you install half life 2 episode 1 you will have to install steam first and when you run steam for the first time you will have to update it. When steam is updated insert the half life 2 episode one cd1 into the drive. Insert the cd key. It ask for key only one time whean you install the game for the first time. Then you select the games you want to install.Then one mesage will come creating local game files for cache then you will have to wait more then 1 hour. Remember that it is not installing the game it is just creating local game files than it will install. After the game is install you will have to update the game to the latest updates available. When you start the steam client it will automatically update. Then you can start the game. Remember that all your game files must be up to date before running the game . Otherwise the game will not start. The updates are for fixing the game bugs and errors that is failure to load old saved games,video error etc


-reply by prasanna`


Updating HAlf-life 2 Updates

Help! Not Able To Install Half-life 2 : Episode One


Replying to Trap FeedBacker


Good to hear ill just thinked that my game is broken or something but now iam updating it thanks to said those things...


-reply by Kere


CD only copies basic file. And from time to time there may be updates for the game. So it needs update. At least, you download not from 0% right? If it starts at 0%, it's problem.


hello,  downloaded Half Life 2  Episode 2, and after I extract the rar file , I click on "hl2.Exe" but I get an error message saying

" Setup file 'gameinfo.Txt' doest exist in subdirectory 'hl2'. Check your game parameter or VCONFIG setting"

Now someone can tell me what the hell is that??

beleive me I tried so many things that didt work...Now pls some help me I want to play the second episode so much


Half-Life 2 Episode oneHelp! Not Able To Install Half-life 2 : Episode One

I can't seem to load Half life 2.. Everytime I try, it comes up with a message saying : THERE IS NOT ENOUGH DISK SPACE TO RUN STEAM. I already have steam on my computer as well as other games that run by steam, I also have 90 gigs free of space. I am running windows vista home with a  nividia GTS- 8800 video card, I have 4 gigs of memory, Intel core 2 quad cpu and Intel motherboard. Please help all help will be gratefully appreciated...Thanks ...Pop

-question by Poppy


you have to have steam, hl2.exe is not the game its the engine. Between you should not download games of the internet its illegal

-reply by johnfreeman


half life 2 episode 2Help! Not Able To Install Half-life 2 : Episode One


 I downloaded Half Life 2  Episode 2, and after I extract theRar file , I click on "hl2.Exe" but I get an error message saying, "Setup file 'gameinfo.Txt' does not exist in sub-directory 'hl2'. Check your game parameter or VCONFIG setting"

Now someone can tell me what the hell is that??

believe me I tried so many things that didt work...Now pls some help me I want to play the second episode so much

-reply by shyju


An answerHelp! Not Able To Install Half-life 2 : Episode One

you must go at ep2 and copy the gameinfo text and paste it to the hl2 folder,  I helped you just here but you will get another error like I have.I've gone to so much forums and they helped me in some aspects but not enough to run the game.My computer specs are ok but the damn ****ing game isn't , I don't think you can be able to run episode 2 

-reply by whisper


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