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Suggest A Mmorpg For Me...


Hi all, I used to play MMORPGs 'til 2006 came in and I got busy with other stuff..And I don't know how many new promising MMORPGs have come out so I would like you guys to suggest me any new MMORPG.I used to play only free MMORPGs and will continue to do so, so please no paid MMORPGs, and I used to like these kind of MMORPGs, A3, FlyFF, Conquer Online, so keep these into consideration and suggest a MMORPG for me.I will try all the MMORPGs and the MMORPG which will be the best will fetch 20 credits for the person who suggested from me for free.


silkroad is also pretty cool.try it. its free and its pretty busy. i stoped half a year back cause our server got crashed and they reseted it at the last save, wich was about 3 weeks earlier... but maybe i'm gonna check it again... donno.anyway, good luck


i recommend Guildwars and WoW (world of warcraft)i play GW and i know its great u can get more info at https://www.guildwars.com/en/
i ahve never played WoW but i heard it was really good and so far its the best MMORPG out but the only hing is that after u pay the 50$ to but the CD u have to pay 10$ a month to keep playing it.


Thanks for the suggestion Wassie and HMN I told ya I don't wan't wan't paid games.I did hear about SilkRoad but then I wouldn't have tried it just to come to know that it's not my type, I will try SilkRoad, once again thanks for your suggestion.


I recomend the silkroad online (you are a chinece and the topic of the game is to trade from cities or steal the traders or kill theafes). also the rf online and the gunz.


I cannot run Silkroad properly because my graphics card is giving me problems, any other suggestions for any other MMORPGs????


City of Heroes and Villains (ok, maybe I post this too much )
They are seperate games (sorta) unless you buy the Good Versus Evil combo edition, on standard monthly fee, good online play, and a fair amount of roleplay-heavy groups.
Both come with one month free play (one month each, i.e buy coh, 1 month, then get cov 1 month)


ok....get out of your house whenever you can NOW! and go buy diablo 2...the expansion pack....no monthly fees....if you get it PM me and i will make you the best!!!!


I won't get Diablo 2 here that easily as the MMORPG industry in India is almost negligible, people who play MMORPGs here always buy things from the internet but I want totally free games, not even one time purchase, still open to new games, suggest and win 20 credits.I am waiting for 3 more days and if not then the first person to tell me about Silkroad (i.e. Wassie) will get those 20 credits as that game was awesome although it ain't running on my PC.


There is this really neat game called dofus. Its flash based, and you can play free on the first world which will keep you busy for a couple of months.Other cool mmorpgs, hmm, try a game called Imperio. It is really fun, you have this character in the prehispanic era of latin america, and you get to choose a god thats either from the mayan, incan and aztec empire. The links are:


My suggestion would have to be Silkroad but since you can't play it. Then thats too bad. In anycase, any Silkroad players in the Tibet server can find me as orangejuicy or orange-juicy, I really can't remember but do add me as your friend


You could try Knight Online, Kal Online, Martial heroes, Mu Online, R.O.S.E Online thats the best free ones i know, if u like it i suppose u could use runscape but i hate it, if you dont mind just paying a one off fee Guild Wars if actually pretty good but if not just look at the first few i mentioned.

Ridwan sameer

I would Sugest runescape,Since your graphics card ain't tht good and runescape is a java applet i would highly suggest youplay this.it is free but if you want to upgrade toa membership. it is free for your whole lofe/ it is great. PM me if youjoin and i will help you.Hope you join


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