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Xbox 360 Worth Spending $400?


hi, i have an xbox but am thinking about buying the new 360 but have been wondering, is it worth the $400? wats new about it that makes it really good and quite expensive. hopefully some can convince me whether or not to buy this


It's a difficult choice. The Xbox 360 is an absolutely amazing system, but unless you get a game with it, it's near enough useless. In order to play origional games on it, you either need a connection to Xbox live, or you need to download a patch from the internet and burn it to CD every month or so to get backwards compatibility.

Below is the list of all the original Xbox games the 360 is able to play with the current patch:

Compatibility List

Of course, you don't need to look at that if you're keeping your original Xbox though now, do you?

Also, for a first game I recommend The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I spend hours on the game (48 hours total play time ftw!)


To me, no. I play my PS2 about 3 hours a week and there are many other things I can spend $400 on. That's halfway to a new iMac that I can use for work and play. Guess I'm just getting old.


All I can say, is make sure its been checked/fixed for any early bugs that you've probably heard so much of. My brother just had to send his in because it was chewing up all his discs and eveuntally stopped reading discs all together.


It depends if there are games for the 360 that you want to play. Are you still happy with your XBox?


It depends on your game style. Do you like high quality graphics with good plots or do you just like cheap games that do not come in HD?I think it is worth your money, only if you have HDTV because you are basically paying for graphics first, then games. My friend has it without HDTV and it doesnt look that good.BTW, HDTV discs for 360 are 20 dollars more than regular discs


Yea it depends on what you look for in a system. If it is graphics that yes you should get the 360. But maybe around christmas it might go down or there might be a better bundle or something if you can wait that long. Or maybe when the ps3 comes out it might go down a few dollars you never know.


Personally, Id wait for the PS3. Why? Well the PS3 will have more advanced technology, and it wasn't rushed like the Xbox 360. The PS3 is going to have the Agiea PhysX card which will make games much more realistic, and it will come with Blu Ray, etc. Although its gonna cost more, Id say its a much better bang for your buck

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yes i have to say that the 360 is definitely worth 400 dollars. even though i dont have one yet im going to get one when i get the money. if your wondering how i would know this its because my cousins have them and i go to there houses and play them there. if you have live it makes it even better cause you can download stuff like new arcade games and extra stuff for games like maps and characters and gametypes. i would rather get a 360 than a ps3 or a wii. so yes you should get a 360. and sure the ps3 is going to have better technology but it had over a year to advance over the 360 that doesnt make it better though. sure they are all different systems and made by different companies thats going to make them different. i have to still stick with the 360.


The price now apprears to be gowing down. Like i just saw the core system with a game and 1250 points and 3 months xbox live for $397.00 canadian. But honestly i would prefer the premieum becuase it is worth it to spend the extra money to get the hard drvie and all the extra stuff.


to me it was well worth it man.i play it alot graphixs are sick bro.


I don't have an xbox360, but I do know from friends and other people that i know, that the system's graphics are excellent and apparently, when you take the games online, they become realistic and having the ability to play other real people over the internet makes the game 10x better.However, as said above, I don't have an xbox360, but other people say they're really good. One of my friends says it's well worth the money.


Honestly if your looking for a new game system to buy then the 360 is the one your going to want. The ps3 is coming out soon but its really going to be no match to the 360. I myself cant wait for the new halo to come out so thats the main reason why i bought the 360. Then i realized there are great games that are out right now. Gears of war is coming out on tuesday, and thats suppose to be an excellent game. Theres call of duty 2 which was a very realistic game and then number 3 is coming out soon. I dont think that spending 600 on a ps3 and then 80-100 on each game is worth it, because the ps2 i liked but really the only good game series was grand theft auto and final fantasy.


^^^ You hit the nail on the head there, i totally agree, I have had call of duty 2 since i got my 360 (about 9 months or so ago) and am still playing it, i have Call of duty 3 on preorder which comes out in 2 days .And here is a strange fact, and what i predicted, the PS3 has got Call of Duty 3 coming for it too, but guess what, it is just the 360 version ported onto the PS3, no, it is not a complete redo and the graffics are going to be the same! $600 for a system which most games are going to be just a port from a cheaper console =-S Yey Ben


Id rather get a PS3 or Wii because they werent as rushed as the Xbox 360, and likewise, they are going to have better hardware, especially the PS3 with the Ageia PhysX and Blu-Ray.


Id rather get a PS3 or Wii because they werent as rushed as the Xbox 360, and likewise, they are going to have better hardware, especially the PS3 with the Ageia PhysX and Blu-Ray.

i think that Blu-Ray wont really take off until its commercially introduced to the PC market like DVD was.

the Wii on the other hand i dont know if i could really be bothered like the game cube sucked but the Wii has promised so much i dont think it can deliver


this price only in USA i think

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Yes, it's worth it. Even if your playing regular xbox games, you can still go into the dashboard and chat with friends playing a different game. Also, if you buy a vision camera with it, you can chat while using it, and the new games are always a plus. The only downside is some of the early ones made had some problems, if you havn't got one yet it should be fine.


Personally I don't think either the PS3 or Xbox 360 are worth how much they are.You can buy a Xbox with maybe 10 games for about 150$ on Ebay.Def. not worth it.Xbox 360 has had its issues releasing too earlyPS3 is nice, but way too expensive for games 60$ range.


Yes, it is worth it now because they have made some major improvements on it and added the HDMI to it which makes it even more worth it. Now the 360 has been dropped and it costs 350 instead of the 400 for the premium system and the core system has been dropped to 279 instead of the standard 300 before. I am guessing they might drop it a bit more once the Christmas holiday comes along just because they want to make more sales so they usually drop the price a little to make it more appealing. It probably wont be much of a drop but there will be a little bit of a drop. So overall i would say that the system is worth it, if you are a gamer then its worth it by far.

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