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hello, im just kinda looking for some wiki software ( id like to put on my site ) and the only one that i got anywhere with was mediawiki, then it told me it wouldnt run on the version of php Xisto has installedanyways, if anyone has some suggestions on easy to setup/manage wiki software, i will be vary interested


well in Fantastico if you scroll down the list to the section marked Wiki you will find two wiki scripts one called TikiWiki and the other PHPWiki. Hope this helps


I am running MediaWiki fine on Xisto hosting, so there should be no reason for it to say the PHP version is too low. As mxweb has suggested, you can look in cPanel at the preinstalled scripts, or check out this search for a few others. I have never used them however, so can't comment on if they are any good or will work.


This was very helpful to me too. I didn't know how you make wikis until right now.


Dears what is wiki scriptwhat is MediaWiki its blog or portal or ...... ?plz tell me what kind of software is wiki ?thanks


A script/website whose content can be edited by anyone who has access to it.


Thanks Dear ROL


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