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Navigation On Forum?


I don't really know what kind of script it is, so I posted in other.



As you can see in the picture, the navigation of the site is at the top, and the forum is at the buttom.


Now I want to learn how to add my forum at the buttom like that, while the navigation still be normal.

Albus Dumbledore

i have no ideal how to do this, but just off the top of my head, i would say that all they did was take the index page and copy all of its contents, and put it where you would normally put the content at on the site.... but that is just a thought if no one else can help you... but if someone else can, ignore my ideal entirley...


That reminds me of PHP-nuke. But i have no idea. If you were to have scrolled all the way down, you may have noticed something like, "Powered By ____________". That would have helped answer your question.


At the buttom it clearly says:

Powered by ? phpBB 2.0.10

phpBB Template And Design by Xtrato Designs

Nothing about nuke.


But, may I ask, what is phpBB nuke?


Yep.... thats PHP nuke... im sure of it. I've used some Xtrato templates for it.
As I shared the link for those templates in THIS post... you can download one of those, install PHPnuke and then install your template, and it will automatically code the forums so them will show under the navigation bar.
I used the Flame Zeronix template (available to d/l in the site i mentioned above) on a website i was trying to make, you can see it HERE.

Clan Manager

Cool template did you buy it or did you go to a free template site?


Notice from BuffaloHELP:

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Its free.. read my post and you can find the download site there are many other cool ones.


I might get that too because that website looked awsome. I hope i can find a skin like that Thanks for telling us not just for him but for eeryone else.


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