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Javascript Help Cant do simple variable functions ?_?

Dagoth Nereviar

Edit: Haha, nevermind....I've had it fixed now an admin/mod can delete this if s/he feels like it

Slide show

So i'm trying to make my own slideshow, see above. I have the pictures showing depending what "num" equals...Well, the code's here:

<script TYPE="text/javascript"><!--var num = 1;var pic = "pic.gif";switch (num){default:document.write("<img src='pic1.gif'>");break;case 1:document.write("<img src='pic1.gif'>");break;case 2:document.write("<img src='pic2.gif'>");break;case 3:document.write("<img src='pic3.gif'>");break;}function next(){num ++;alert("Done!");}--></SCRIPT><br><script TYPE="text/javascript"><!--document.write(num)--></SCRIPT><br><br><form><input type="button" onclick="next()" value="Next"></form>

(That's all in the body section, btw.)

But when I click "Next", the alert comes up, but num doesn't increase....I've tried using "num + 1" "num = num + 1" "num += 1" etc, etc, etc, but none of them work.

So my question is...How can I get it to work?


It would have been nice to know how you fixed it. Topic closed.


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