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Building A Pc As A First Timer does anyone have a good tutorial


im doing an IT Technician course at college and ive made a powerpoint presentation for building a PC, im off college now untill monday but when im next there ill be sure to bring it home and show you it, contains words explaining what to do and pictures showing got me a merit


I suggest read first before looking around!!!

When i start building computers i look for the case to start off. Once i find the case that i like i look at the specs of the case to see what kinds of motherboards that it can hold.


Then i Look for the motherboards that can fit in the case. I prefert the AMD motherboards.


Then after i choose the motherboard i look at the specs to see what of processors it can hold depends of which kind of processor you like there is Intel and AMD.


Then i look for the type of processor, you want to make sure that you get a motherboard that will allow you to put in a duel Processor if you want to now or you can get a single core processor then upgrade later.


Then this is where i look for the type of ram that the motherboard that you chose can handle. You want to find a mother board that can handle at least 3 gbs of memory.


Then i look for the types of video cards, now this is a broad hardware, depending on what you are going to use your computer for. IF you want a gaming computer you would want to go with a higher Nvidia Card. If you are just designing, then you don't need to go over a 7000 Nivida. It just depends on what you are going to use the computer for.


Then i look for the hard drives. This is where a lot of people ask what size should i get. well as i have done with my own computer i would get a 160 gb then later on if you decide you need more room you can always get another internal Hard drive or you can just pick a externeal from a local walmart or any kind of store like that, that has an elctronics center.


Then this is where you get to choose your kind of optical drive. Such as a CD burner or DVD ROM/RW it depends what you want to use your computer fore. Personaly i would get a CD R/RW DVD R/RW combo drive, they are not that expensive.


Now at this point you have selected all of your main parts of the computer, you can find what kind of keyboard, mouse and monitor for your computer.


This is where you would look for a fan if the case does not come with one. After looking at all the Hardware look for the watts of every piece then look for a fan that will support more than what is added up.

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