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Aliens Or Ancestors Or Some Kind Of God


I believe there is a God. Even if I weren't Christian, there has to be something other than us humans. I simply don't believe that we're here because of evolution.


i believe you there is other life forms out there we just havent discoverd them but do we really want to discover them and god well how can he make himself but he might have existed but it could be a fabel/myth


Dunno about people seeing aliens but I really don't beleave them. I simply think there lonely and need atention or something. Personolly I find them pathetic. But I do beleave there are aliens out there or humans like us but then little difrent or same.Why coudt be there a nother earth the universe is so large, and why always aliens I hate hollywood they make them scary and stuff based on insects and lizards. They dont have 2 be scary. Also piramides there yust dead mans graves nothing more. People make up 2 much story's you can interpen a old tale anyway you like and thats why there are story's like thatI saw on discovery yesterday a report about the pirimid, some woman created a simpel triangel with couple bars and glas. And she said she coud master the power. I was like ye right...She coundt show it ofcourse noo you cant see it but feel it right more excuses I yust find those people lame making up stuff and making aliens scary.I say peace for all and 1 day when our teliscopes do reach the sight we need to find that 1 planet. Then all those idiots and frauds will be proven rong for making up stuff then am verry happy

Cerebral Stasis

god well how can he make himself but he might have existed but it could be a fabel/myth


He IS a fable. He's just a very old fable that a lot of people believe in.


i believe you there is other life forms out there we just havent discoverd them but do we really want to discover them


What's the worst that could happen? They could be ugly creatures bent on conquest. We'd have a lot in common. Even if there is other life, the chances of us meeting in this gigantic galaxy are astronomical (excuse the pun). Of course, it's possible, and it may have happened, but WE may never meet THEM. If there's any meeting that will be done, I'm sure that it will take a far more intelligent form of life than we humans to initiate it.

Teri Luketic

You know what I find quite interesting, how different this topic title is from the poll question itself.Sure, I believe there are other beings out there other than us. What I don't believe is that we're their offspring or anything. I believe that a devine being, the God of the universe, created many different planets and that as well as those planets and beings, he created our world. No sudden *bang* there it is, just a supernatural being deciding he was lonely and wanted people with freedom of choice, people who'd chose whether they loved him or not. Why make a species soo entirely different from all the others he'd made, when he knew this species would hurt him? Because of the end result. He'd have people with him who love him fully and not just because they weren't created to think otherwise.I think those other beings out there are probably aren't even in our solar system. One thing my religion doesn't teach, is how far out there these other beings are. The teachers used to say things like "There's creatures out there watching the story of the Earth unfold from Mars," but that's it. They were just giving examples. I think these creatures aren't even in our system because I think God wanted it so we are alone in the sense that no one else is in our solar system but His presense. I don't know that we'll ever get out of our solar system very far. Of course, I don't know what all EXACTLY we've actually done, but still. We're still having trouble even getting our people back and forth from our land to a single space station in orbit of the planet! He wants us to seek out the mystery of what lies beyond our stars, and all in all, I think He wants us to realize that we'll only know through him. The bible itself says there are other beings out there, in Hebrews in the strate translations, no paraphrases. There's an infinate amount of things out there, that's what I believe.

Cerebral Stasis

I've read in stories that, due to radiation belts and the distance of things outside our universe, we may be forever trapped in our Solar System, or even on Earth (or the near area). For all we know, we could be (as some theories suggest) a holographic simulation or some kind of contained experiment. It's kind of a disturbing thought, but considering all we know (or really, all we know about what all we don't know), it's a possible theory.


When it comesd to U.F.Os or Aliens the one thing that comes to my mind are the allegations that Army and Government people are trying to hide the facts of aliens visiting us. Now dont you think that Army and Government officials are also humans with families and out of the thousands of officials who are engaged in hiding the facts there atleast have to be a small percentage of people who would have leaked out the truths atleast to their family folks. We dont come across such officials very often who claim to have participated in such govt cover ups so naturally it leads me to think that there really isnt much to hide to begin with. Sure enough I agree with the fact that there must be hundreds of civilisations(if not less) considering the size of almost infinite space however, have they been in touch with us......is something that I find hard to believe.


Well, I would like to have my views on this, this theory comes up to many people's mind in India as here majority believe in God and stuff. For me I don't believe in any God or something, there maybe one but I actually turned into an atheist because of some other reasons not related to faith at all. But I am still not saying that there is definitely a God there.Well, as for you Amit, you have explained what you wanted to day in a very easy and elaborating manner and this is the first time someone's explaination got me into thinking whether what I think is right or wrong, I used to discard such theories before.I do believe there are alot of Aliens out there but they might not be intelligent than us but it could also be that on their planet life started just a couple of 100s of years back and the creatures on that planet are maybe what we were 10000s of years back.I don't believe in that going and coming back of our ancestors theory but even if it did happen, what if the "human" civilization vanished and the new one doesn't know how to contact us as we don't know how to contact them either.I don't believe that the pyramids were some extraordinary things but yeah it simply shows what are we humans capable of but it sometimes took over 20 years to build one pyramid and I don't think that it would have required twenty years to build one pyramid, they might have been more intelligent than what we are today, remember the weird shapes of their skulls?And actually to say, I got disappointed with this theory afterwards when you said that this theory of yours is completely based on your thinking and old written scriptures or books, as they might not be true and one persons opinion cannot always be true but you're theory might be true but then we have no particular way to find out and thats the reason some ideas are just burried away sometimes...


Well the big problem here is, most Atheists are doubting the existence of God and not proving his inexistence (note the term his, its intentional). And more over, claiming that there would be life on another planet or in another realm of existence is not fully unsubstantiated by religions, but its clearly not humans if you actually referred to the bible, im not sure what is taught in hindu but islam should also follow the same path of earth being mankinds only home. Aliens derivatorial term refers to stranger, and definitely any extra-terrestrial ACTUALLY FOUND would be classified as an Alien. But so far, all we can find out there is just space and elements. So which is the insubstantiated claim as of fact? Why are we holding on to the view of Aliens so strongly as if its a Religion. The belief that there is no true belief is a contradiction in its very nature, and thus there must be some truth to humanity's existence as well as purpose. But instead of focus'ing on the internal aspects, we decided to focus our time and energy to void our life story and talk about someone elses. I find this a type of escapism, one aspect of this is the actual intent to overthrow the culture of humanity that has been set thus far. One Alien can falter many religions and thus people who do not conform to religions might be forced to hold on to this (as a belief) to further reinforce their personal understanding. The derived mentality I seem to pick up is as I mention, a way to escape from all this religions that affect the world. "Just one Alien and these Religions will fall and I will be right". I am in no position to claim anything about aliens being existing or non-existing, but I daresay no one else would have the facts and substantiation to prove its existence.


I have to say yes because we found black holes witch we think lead to other galixies. If we could keep going though black holes there has to be space where there is life. I mean but what is weird as we can't see that far only to the planet a little farther then pluto. So there could be life in the milkyway. We just havn't found them and they havn't found us. It could be alien looking life or humanish life. If it is a robot it might as well be life. The only thing i don't know is if there be more advanced then us.


Well from what i can see from your post, its more like i think theres something there so there must be something there =) And blackholes will rape anything too close to it. So even if blackholes brought you to another galaxy, you'd probably be cosmic dust by the time u get to see solar system no. 2


Pyramids where the only logical structure to rise up high to the sky so that is a logical explanation why they where built. How they where built? Well I think they had at least some kinds of machines to work with, as some amchines these times have very simple concepts but their power is extended mechanical.As for your theory, you might be right, but I doubt we will ever get to know that. Story's of Aliens seen are often declared foolness and no-one believes them as they used to do ages ago, so accepting will be even harder.


Well weren't the pyramids built upon years of hard work? If they can build the sphinx why not the pyramid? It didn't take them a year to build these monuments, for each egyptian king they had their tombs prepared long before they died. Well interestingly as much as there are so many speculations about having No God or Aliens Existing or other extra-terrestrial beliefs, if they are unsubstantiated I do suppose they are false until proven.


I don't quite have the time now (it's almost 5am) to go and put all the info i've found into this. I mean, I read most of the replies so I'm sorry if I repeat something else someone else said, because I might have skipped over it. I believe in God in the bible and everything. I also do believe though that it was aliens that came to earth back during the egyptians and all those other times. I read if it's true I believe they found batteries, a power source in a pyramid in egypt. I really doubt that they would have all the drawings on the walls of the Gods standing before all the egyptians. in one picture i saw the god (can't remember which god it was) was handing something that resembled something of a power source. I believe that it was aliens that gave men the technology to build the pyramids that we can't build today. i mean, i'm just too tired to think of everything else there's been proof on. it's really just plain stupid if you've read and researched all i have and don't believe that aliens exist. i mean, now adays they find animals dissected with an instrument that we don't have. whatever it was was able to make clean cuts into the skin of many animals and remove the organs and such without leaving one drop of blood anywhere outside the carcass...not even on the fur. they've also found humans dissected in similar ways. i don't think there's really much you can do to people who don't believe you no matter what you show them. they'll just have to get obducted to believe it. I still put my faith in god though, he created everything, but the bible is for our means of guidance, who knows, maybe he felt it wasn't nessecary to mention that he'd made another race? lol maybe he had a reason for the way things are. maybe we weren't meant to know of this other race, it's sure caused lots of problems today just because of disagreements about the subject. i dunno, i say let things be, and don't dig too much because you might just find out something you'd rather not know. i found out some things that are just quite shocking and really have changed who am, and i mean that in a bad way. i guess if you do look hard enough you'll find the answer, but that doesn't garentee you'll like it. as they say ignorance is bliss.


Looking at the sheer size of the space you've got to think of possibilities that there has to be life out there. It would be really unscientific to consider earth as being only abode of life. Definately there would be life out there its just that we havent come across it yet and we may never come across any in our life time. There are millions of stars and millions of planets so how can anyone say that only earth can have life. It would be kind of medieval thinking to think that way.


No one really knows what is oput there... Grr... Only those living in the other worlds or dimensions know that they exists... like we humans think we are the only life form out there...

Cerebral Stasis

i mean, now adays they find animals dissected with an instrument that we don't have. whatever it was was able to make clean cuts into the skin of many animals and remove the organs and such without leaving one drop of blood anywhere outside the carcass...not even on the fur.

That's because they drained the blood and stuffed the body full of salt. It was a long and complicated process, but I don't really think there's anything mysterious about it.


As for your earlier comment on batteries, there were the Baghdad Batteries, and the Egyptian "batteries" have not been proven to be such, since there are no markings or evidence of electrodes (source). Even if they did have batteries, it doens't necessarily mean that they were given to them by aliens. Humans have always been as smart as they are now (if not smarter) - they could have very likely developed a battery, although for what purpose we don't know. I recall seeing a documentary at one point that suggested the Egyptians had light bulbs, since there were certain scenes that seemed to suggest it, and there were no smoke marks in the dark tunnels from torches. Of course, saying that aliens were responsible is a bit of a jump, since it's not even been proven that they had light bulbs, or even batteries.


As for the making of the pyramids, I've read theories that they used gigantic kites to help them lift the blocks.


I dont believe in Aliens, but thats because we have nothing to base this on ... Theres no concrete evidence that says "This is from aliens". And if you're gonna say theres not evidence that says God exists, the bible as credible as you deem IS a piece of evidence that claims the existence of God and thus its still feasible to believe.

amit nigam

hi friends..i think that as cerebral stassis and many of you have pointed out that there were different ways to build pyramids... i just want to know that even today the best of the best engineers and architects agree to the fact that it is next to impossible to build pyramids with todays technology.... that civilization, egyptian, was not wiped out by some comet strike or something like that, so the knowledge they had assimilated must have come down through the ages... so why is that we dont know their technology...as far as the concept of gigantic kites to take stones to the top is concerned..... i think just close your eyes and give it a shot ... do you think that it can be done... can you lift stones worth thousand of tonnes with wind energy... i cant believe it..by the way... nice hearing from all of you...keep writing..ok...bye..


I do not know who would be ( Sorry to Say this ) So selfish to say that there is no other life but us! I mean what out of the whole universe we are the only planet the only life! Cmon people that makes no sense at all![bUT WE ARE ALL ALLOWED ARE OWN OPINIONS] ( No matter how crazy the may be! )

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