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Which Forum Software Should I Use? Please suggest me some scripts


OK, here is my predicament, I know I've posted this before, but... This time I have tried both forums... I am trying to decide between IPB and phpBB.Here is what I want for my forum from each software...I like the ease of use, and simplistic design of phpBB. I like the many feature of IPB, such as changing rankm colors, and the rank masking system for forum permissions. I also want three of the mods I currently have on my forums, the Army System, IBPro Arcade, and D2-Shoutbox, I know phpBB has an Arcade mod, and a Shoutbox, but frankly they both need some work and are currently crappy. I also like the theme of IPB. But the IPB 2.x is not yet ported to PHP-Nuke, like 1.x is..So, what is your input based on what I said about each individual software.

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its pretty obvious whate hchoice is gm IPB


If you forget about the mods may I recommend SMF? Its a great board with lots of development going on as of now. You can check it out at http://www.simplemachines.org/


huh.. this time i gonna be on a fresh meat.. use ikonboard. i can provide you to view my demoboard running on Xisto. flexible, simple, reliable and nice cosmetic. but this is perl cgi thou. still free, functionality much like ipb,vB and simple like phpBB. you can track my thread at my sig.
good luck...


Maybe this will be of use:
Its the simplicity of phpBB with many pre-added features...
I use it too on 2 sites now and people keep requeting on GUA lol

You can get it from IntegraMod and I wrote a tutorial here

The hardest thing is the install wich isnt all that hard


From your post, it seems that you like more what IPB has, and i use IPB and can tell you its great, it not only has those three MODS but a ton more.I just like that you can configure pretty much everything the way that you want with ease. Ive gotta say i did use phpBB once, but frankly.. i didnt like it.But its just my opinion. Either way people will post!


Just want you to know that IPB 2.0.x isnt free and I dont think it'll appear at phpnuke, so phpbb is a rather good choice for free boards with its flexibility...


I would say your best choices would be either the latest IPB 2.x, or VBulletin, though they are both paid.

But I'm not sure if they work with phpnuke.


If you don't care if it works with phpnuke and you just want a free one that is like IPB, go to http://www.zifboards.com/, it's IPB 1.3 (I think) minus a few features, but it's free, all it does is ad an advertisement at the top of your page.


But, other than that, I suggest you just go for something like PHPBB, I think that is compatible with PHPnuke, in fact, I think it comes with PHPnuke, no?


However, if you already have a paid IPB board of course you should stick to it cause IPB attracts more members if you're using paid ones and you'll not waste the license...Or if you want use some others like yabb and smf, which is good to experimental with...


i personally recommand SMF, the theme of it really cool.

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I have never used IPB before. I've always used phpBB for the past three years on various forums. It's been great, and I've never had any trouble or propblems with it. Their arcade and chat box may not be the best, but you can always get a chat box from other sites such as http://www.mychatbox.com/ and copy the link code and put in into your forum. I've done that, and it works fine for my purpose. I presonally see no reason for having an "arcade" to entertain people with. It's a chat forums, so I treat it only as such. There are many Templates / Styles you can download from their site at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ or from http://www.phpbbhacks.com/ to choose from. Other mods are available to change the layout of your forums, but I've never used any for security reasons, and so it is easier to update my forums when new versions come out. I hope this helps. You can visit all my hosted forums at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ . Cheers, and peace!


I think phpbb is the best becasue you can chnage loads of settings compared to the other programs.


I currently working on a new website for my scouts group and i am planning on adding a forum on my website but i cant choose wich script to use . so can you please post your suggestions and if possible the reliability of the suggested script and wether or not they contain any bugs.



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There are many poles on Xisto which have compared various bulletin board software. Please refer them.


My opinion about all these new forums is that if all 6.4 billion people setup their own forum, what will be the usefulness of it? LIke these days, so many new forums are coming. These not only have fewer visitors but become frustrating for the host/admin. If atm is really interested in creating a scout forum. He must advertise it ewell or have some means to get members. The forum scripts or software that he may use arePunBB, PHBB2, SMF as in the order I prefer to install.


All of them are good. But I have recommendation to make depending on your requirements. If you want to add some games into your forums Simple machine forums and Invision Power Board will come first before others. But the problem with IPB is that the latest version is not always free whereas SMF is free. But if you want just for the sake of forum I think phpBB is the best, it's free and easy to set up and modify around. But these days most of these forums can be integrated into content management sites which is even better, why not go for them and have more features in it?


Why not use the free version forum from InvisionFree Boards? It's free and it's one of the professional free forums. It's also hosted on their servers and you will not need to spend time installing yourself.

Simply sign up an account there and setup your forum configurations and you are good to go.


Why not use the free version forum from InvisionFree Boards? It's free and it's one of the professional free forums. It's also hosted on their servers and you will not need to spend time installing yourself.


Simply sign up an account there and setup your forum configurations and you are good to go.



I quite like that website, but if you want to merge your website with your forum, than doing the above might not be suitable.


phpBB is one of the best known free ones, but seems to have a lot of security holes in. I remember back sometime last year when you could make yourself an administrator simply by editing a cookie.


I've no experince of other free boards, but if you're willing to pay then go for Invison Power Board. You'll notice that the link in the quoted message above will install an invision power board, difference is that the purchased version is yours and it's a higher version and has more features.


I'm just looking at SMF now, and I'm pretty impressed with it! I might use it on my website, when it is back up and running


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why dont just use PunBB

fast because it tabless and more secure day by day

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