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Got A New Domain.. Its All Done Propagating or what ever but how do i..


you should distinguish between parked domains and addon domains. confused? here's a quick tip:Parked Domains are domains that point to the main domain account. Add-On Domains are domain added to your current account but will show a separate website. ----- specific to zip_mc -----zip, it looks like your site (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) is not yet pointed to your Xisto hosting. set it up from domainsite admin page to redirect to your uni.cc URL (your main page, or to your subdomain). i also have a .info from domainsite (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/), and i just redirect itto my uni.cc subdomain (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/). i havent tried pointing it using Xisto nameservers, coz i think this is a paid option in domainsite (so i am stuck with simple redirection).from Xisto cpanel, i parked my .info, and i can access my cpanel using .info/cpaneli can also access a forum subdirectory in my site using .info/forum(but since my .info domain just redirects, the browser address will show myuni.cc address. if a nameserver is used to set up domain, then that domain nameis what is shown in the browser address.)


oh wtf!!!

its like it keeps forgeting the settings or somthing..

i have pointed it to NS1.TRAP17.COM & NS2.TRAP17.COM and it works the next day.. then the next it doesnt.. wtf!!!!

this is just crap..

i'll just redirect it to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and mask it so it still looks sexy

better not do this *BLEEP* when i get a .com

prolly cause the DNS stuff u have to have all the domain site name servers on ther.. i dunno lol..


Lol, i would get a .com but i dont want to pay money.... free .com providers anyone?




HAHA I am getting a .com domain!!! *Points at the ones that one want* NER NER NER...I am getting it next week because that's when my card thingy is active.Oh yeah...When I get my domain can I change my username to that like change bexa.trap17.com into ..............com with all the files in it ?? Or not ???It is only like 6 pounds a year.....which is VERY cheap...considering it is for a year...I mean I can find more than 6 pounds on the floor ,if I tried...in a year.


well you should be able to once you park it @ your cpanel..

cause i can log into my cpanel from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ now

( btw i think i fixed the domain so it jsut points to NS1.TRAP17.COM and NS2.TRAP17.COM and it seems to be working hooray! )

cept still hvaing probs with the forums oh well...



God damn it, where is some dumba$$ person giving out things when you need it....


hmm.. i think this is something to do with the domain masking and forwardingi think if the setting was set to masked, it shouldnt show up the redirected url ..or u can just ask admin to reset your account and host the domain without a subdomain ( xxx.trap17.com )


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