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Dancing Robots Sonys new robots


Just one that follows a black line on a white surface I think the simplest of all, yet I enjoyed making it, from CDROMs and wrecked toys, and trying to make it run faster. By the way, I don't like lego stuff, metal and screws hold a lot more rude duty, jajajaja. At least I had more fun cutting and designing.

Cerebral Stasis

Just a few comments here.


When talking about the Honda robot, I assume you mean ASIMO, which was built back in 2000. While it has many breakthroughs in walking and interaction technology, it is a far cry from being any C-3PO. Furthermore, there are many more accurate and believeable robots (via animatronics) that are used in movies, such as Jurassic Park. Besides, the way the digital effects industry is going, it will soon be much cheaper to use 3D effects made in a computer than build real-life animatronic characters to use.


As for the QRIO robots being fluid in motion and quick to move, it may appear that way, but robots using motors will always have a slow response time. However, there have been experiments with robotic muscles that can react almost as fast as human muscles, and are about as strong. Furthermore, there have been theories concerning a new kind of artificial muscle that could react 1,000 times faster than an organic muscle, and could be much stronger, as well.


Cool robots! But they're so unusefull... and very very expensive. I've heared one man bought 34(!!!) dogs! He is really creazy o_O


Awesome!!! I had been waiting a long time too see more frome this little robots, ever since some person posted it here a couple of months ago. Besides, I had heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago but didnt catch the name or the artist (they mustve said it at the beginning, and I didnt listen to it from the beginning). So this thread kind of killed 2 birds with one shot for me. Thanks!


I couldnt find the video. please provide the link.

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