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Plane Crash Off Beach In Miami


In Miami, Florida today there was a plane crash off the coast of Miami Beach. A man said he saw a big explosion in the sky and then it crashed just off the shore. Reports so far show that six people have been killed. There was either 14 passengers and 2 crew members or 17 passengers and 2 crew members. Boaters and law enforcement are still looking for bodies hopefully which might have survived. They don't know the cause yet cause it just happened a little while ago. The plane they said normally flies between Miami and the Bahamas. I'll keep you updated once they find more info. The link to the site is


wow.....and it was a boat plane, that i wouldnt expect, well its not looking good, 12 dead 16 were onboard....wonder what happened *thinks*


As of 4:48pm Eastern Time today they now say that there are 14 dead and there was 20 on board the plane. People don't believe that terrorism is involved but something bad must have happened if there was an explosion in the air before it came down. We'll have to continue to wait for more information.


That is aweful. Something bad must have happened. The chance of finding them alive will now rapidly diminish as time goes by. Hopefully some were able to get to shore maybe by swimming.Do the police know anything about the plane? I mean, was it private or comercial. Bahamas? That seems strange, maybe it was smuggling people in or something. Then again, maybe not. Thanks for the report.


Ok now I see that 19 have been found but no survivors out of the 20 people on board. Three of them infants. This isn't a plane for smuggling. It is actually a famous plane used in Miami Vice. It has been around for a while making some pretty famous flights. When the FBI heard about the plane and how it had exploded they first thought that a terrorism attack. They don't think there is anything like that now. A 14 year old boy said that he saw it take off and saw smoke coming out of it. He said that then a wing flew off as it went behind a tower and then blew up. The Coast Guard watched it take off and saw the smoke as well. They still are looking for the last man. There isn't much hope that he is alive which makes things harder on the investigation.


Rats. What a mess. There is no way they will find him alive. The blackbox seems to be their only hope now. If it had one and providing they find it. 19 out of 20 killed! Wow. Must have been quite the explosion. And to think that three of them were infants. The wing flew off? Sounds like an engineering problem or something wrong with the integrity of the structure. Maybe someone was messing with it on the ground. Hopefully they will find what they need to find out what happened. Thanks again for the update. The coolest thing about this forum is you get news before most everyone else does


I heard about this on the news! in fact i watched it fall out of the sky and into the water. This is a terrible thing indeed. The explosion was massive! when I watched the video on the news you could see this Huge fire ball falling to the water and a huge piece of the plane, maybe the cockpit or wing broke off and fell to the water and then the fireball hit. Absolutly aweful!


That is so sad. How does something like that even happen? I'm not fully understanding what exactly happened with the plane. Did a piece of it fall off, and then the plane crashed, or was that piece part of the explosion? It seems with all the advances in engineering, something like this could have been avoided.


They are still looking for the last body. So far all they know is that the plane exploded and when it did the wing fell off. Then it fell. They are going to look for the cause today as they continue the search for the last body.****UPDATE - They have started pulling up the parts of the plane. They are looking into every possibility of what might have caused the plane to crash. They still haven't found the last body. They are looking for the cockpit tape and malfunction data to put together to see if they can get anything out of it because right before it went down they lost contact for a minute which they might have been trying to report in what was wrong.

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yeah its bad to hear about this kind of stuff and soon the vib swarm all over it, just today I guess another plane had problems that landed in boston.I would say thats it the weather but for florida i doubts that the case. since the plane was line old and most likly it was faulty/old wiring that did it in I guess.


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