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Phpbb Question


I just uploaded the fully modded phpbb to my account. It works grat but I don't know how to install the themes to it. [Have no knowledge of coging lol] Can someone help me on this?msn: lxlabstractlxl@hotmail.comaim: lxlabstractlxl


Refer to these sites..




I did but that only work for regular phpbb 2 board. I have a fully modded phpbb board.


which kind of fully-modded phpbb are you using? i don't suppose there's much difference from a regular phpbb theme installation. but first things first, you must have a phpbb template to install first. upload that on its appropriate folder in your hosting space, then access your modded phpbb admin control panel to install and activate your new theme. if you're still experiencing trouble, post what kind of phpbb mod you are using. maybe others here have previous experience working on it who can help further. and maybe include a screenshot of your modded phpbb admin control panel, so we can visualize what you may be missing to install your new theme. from there, we can try to guide you.


I have quite a bit of experience with phpBB, including various modifications and extras. I have added you on MSN to try and help you, but as Serverph suggests, it would be useful to have a list of modifications or a screenshot of the admin panel.If possible you could also provide a link of where you got the modded version from, which may provide a list of the modifications they have used.


^So cool. Thanks. I hope to catch up with you to see if you can help me out.


I hope my phpbb will do fine in my site... until now I just use forumer to host my forum, but it went wrong (I mean I left it to be closed in time...). Seems lately I cannot venture my virtual life too often like before. (sigh) How I longed about 2 years ago when I first met Internet and become member of forums.And now, I've neglected so many forums which I used to be a member there. Not to mention, I have my hosting credits to minus points because it's been a while since I came here...Argh, let my rumble away for a while...For phpbb, my opinion just use the forumer, even it just a view. Why? Because by doing so, you will know what's good and not really good features of phpbb. After doing so, make your own phpbb and may your forum be flourished.

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1) Take your *.zip template and extract it to your desktop.2) Take the folder with all the files in it, and upload it to your FTP in a folder located in your /templates/3) After the folder and all the files are uploaded, go to your forums and within your ACP, go to Styles Admin, click Add4) Locate the template you added, and add it5) You will be able to click on your profile, and it should be in your list of template options to choose from. If not, go back to your ACP, General Admin, Override user style, then click No, and Submit at the bottom


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