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What Makes Life Worthwhile For You?


I am curious to know how others found the thing they love. Because I'm trying to figure out my thing. I thought I had one, a few times now, but... somehow it slipped away.What do you do that makes you happy? That you make beautiful, or that makes you beautiful? That gives you a sense of accomplishment, of victory? That makes you feel like getting up in the morning, that gets you out of bed every day.Work? Family? God? Potato chips?Anything goes. Don't forget to tell us how you found what you love, too.As for me, I found love in a funny way. We met during high school and only got together after graduation.

Nani Cheri

I think it will be my family. I really love them, and I know they are the only ones I can trust. I know they'll be there for me when things get difficult in live.What I do to make me happy is actually really doing things when I feel like it. If I think I wanna have some new shoes to put next to my 100 pares collection, I just do it. If I feel like eating KFC, when I already had Burger King yesterday and the day before...I just do it.If I had a great gift, or very valuable earrings, I just wear them. In short I just live by the day. Don't save things for next year or tomorrow, cause you gotta live your live, like if you know you can die tomorrow. Life is short, just do good things, and don't waste anytime, if you have the choice to not do so.


I believe that it would be my family. If it wasn't for their help, love, and support I probably wouldn't be here at this moment. I have bipolar and I get those suicidal thoughts and such so if I need comfort from that I always think of my family. They make my life complete and that's all I think I ever need in life.


I believe its my imagination that feeds my fantasies and makes me happy. I like to b creative always.


My friends and family keep me going everyday. Without my family I never would have gone anywhere in life and my friends keep me laughing and happy everyday. Being in the IB program it is really hard to want to continue on with it but my friends are what keep me there. I don't know what I'd do without them. My family encourages me and love me all the time, especially I need it most. All my friends here at Xisto help me out and keep me going as well. Gives me something to look forward to when I get home from school and of course my web hosting.


If i could sleep for a week, that would be the thing i would love the most. It seems like i'm always missing it. I would be asleep right now but i have to post to get my site back up and running.these are fun and interesting times we live in.round


How I found it? A long journey I wasn't always as you see me. 5th grade involved me being taken from my family and placed in a foster home. The next 6 years or so my parents weren't around, my dad was in prison and my mom splitting time between jail and an insane asylum. I was a ward of the state whose grades plummeted after the events started. I took up boxing and worked on a new martial art for 8 years that looked like a lot of judo/boxing moves with the footwork from karate, and used a new fist that I hit brick, concrete, fiberglass, and stainless steel with without breaking it. I used to enjoy pain since the adrenaline let me ride a high almost that blocked out for a while the pain within. My knuckles are still purplish even though it's been 3 years since giving up the boxing and weightlifting even as exercise. Everything turned around in 8th grade. I flunked, lost all my friends, my family was gone, I was a ward of the state to be moved from school to school, I was on multiple antidepressants that I now realize were making me suicidal (didn't know St. John's Wort with other stuff was bad back then). In my misery I became an avid observer of ironies and searched for God. I realized there were too many ironies, some of them very great, finally to pass off as mere coincidence. That summer on August 5, 1998, I heard the Gospel preached in its entirety, and it blew me away. I had no problem accepting the first part, that there was a problem. I had no problem accepting I needed to change and was an evil sinner, indeed I'd recently thought myself the most evil person on the planet because of my fights with my brothers who before all this had started I had cared for so much. I trusted in Jesus and no one else on the planet to save me, and trusted that He'd died for my sins on the cross and risen again. I asked Him into my heart that day to lead my life, to forgive me, to change me utterly... and all with sobs that I doubt anyone but God could interpret, for He sees not as men see, He sees the heart and not the outward appearance. Salvation isn't always experiential or involve what I felt that day, but I felt like the world had fallen off my shoulders, all my guilt and emptiness within me was gone. I couldn't have imagined life without it before that. And my nature was changed, I had a desire for God's will and an utter... will to obey Him and please Him that I still can't fully explain. Because I'd been saved in that Christian summer camp and was being moved from school to school I didn't affiliate with a church for several years (though I was able to attend one with some relatives once in a while) and wasn't baptized for even an even longer period. For a long time I didn't even know what a "denomination" was But I loved God and told everyone around me of how He'd changed my life, I witnessed to my brothers constantly of the new life and heart I'd found. I was on fire! Everything I've found of true meaning or value came from that one day, when I found God When I found everything my heart, my soul, was searching for And best of all? This isn't just a story, it's a reality of God constantly walking with me, the relationship I have with Him, and a daily interaction with Him as He works in my life through circumstances, other people, prayer, and His Word, the Bible I can't say it's been easier, as 2 Timothy 3:12 says, all who'll live godly in Jesus will suffer persecution. But I wouldn't give it up for ANYTHING in this universe because it means life so full and free that I don't even like to think of life without it -Jz


WOW! That's all i can think of seroiusly. You really had a tough life back then. But it's good that you're allright now.


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