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Massive Blasts In Hertfordshire Fuel Depot explosions heard in the netherlands

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Massive Blasts In Hertfordshire Fuel Deposit


At 6:03am today, a fuel deposit in Hertfordshire, England exploded sending flames up hundreds of feet into the air. The explosions could be heard as far away as the Netherlands.


As a result many nearby residents have been told to evacuate their houses and others further away (such as myself) have been told to lock all windows and doors to prevent the intoxic fumes from coming into their homes.


People have said that they have had buckled doors, damaged walls and windows blown-out as a result of this event.


After the first explosion, witnesses told the police that there were two more explosions around half past six. Many more are expected throughout the day.


Below are some pictures of the explosion and the horrendous aftermath:





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I haven't personally heard any of the reported explosions. I just slept right through them. Fortunately for us, the fumes aren't heading our way but into the Atlantic somewhere. And, luckily for the people where the fumes are going towards, they have been reported as intoxic.


Many people have died, 36 I think is the current figure but I don't think that it's as bad as the 7th July.


Your thoughts?


Ou.. man, you live somewere in there ?and you didnt heard that explosione whooou... you gota sleep lika a baby ;)You could ... die ?! are you still in that place or you moved somewere ?


Wow everyone is talking about this. I live pretty near there, (Uni of Herts campus) and didn't hear a thing but apparently one of my friends did. Are you sure it's heading towards the Atlantic? When I saw one picture taken by satelite it looked like the smoke was traveling south towards London and the English Channel.The Atlantic is all the way on the other side. That cloud is gonna pass through Wales if it's heading that way.36 deaths was the last figure, not sure how many injuries. It'll probably go up since they said it'll take a while for the fire to be put out.And I'm sure it's going to play havoc on the environment for a while.

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We live quite a few miles away. We're not within the zone that needs to be evacuated but just outside of the place that was told earlier today to lock all of your windows/doors.


I don't think that there was ever any risk that someone as far as me was going to die.


Also, I've just noticed that I posted 36 people have died, 2 seriously, I meant 36 people were injured, 2 seriously. The currently figure, however is 43 injuries.




More pictures:




Yes i just heard on the news about this... they say its not a terorist attack but... hmmm today some gas exploded in German... that sounds suspicious to me...


There were 10 workers on the site at the time, all of whom were found. Its amazing they survived the explosion. The smoke is heading out over London, down to the south coast then across to France, Germany and some people even expect it to reach as far away as Italy or Greece, depending on the wind. The fire brigade said that the fire may take up to 3 days to put out as there is not a huge amount they can do except let the fuel burn. I live about 20 miles away from the blast and I felt it, although I was already awake at the time.Hotels and shops in the area were all evacuated and most of the roads have been closed. The industrial estate it was near was virtually destroyed, with windows blown in, walls destroyed and various other bits of damage. There are also claims now that the site was unsafe and various EU directives and requirements hadn't been met. They still don't know what caused the fire, although the police have branded it an accident. The British public have adopted the normal stance in circumstances such as this, which is to panic buy whatever may happen to be in shortage. All the petrol stations in Hemel have closed, not only for safety, but to stop panic buying, and petrol stations in Aylesbury, Watford, London and loads of other places nearby have been either closed or limiting supplies. The oil companies claim they have enough oil reserves so as not to be affected by a disaster like this.


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