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Mr. Six Is Let Down From Six Flags Mascot


After two short seasons as the mascot for Six Flags theme parks, the commercial star regarded as a wild success for its cult following is being retired by new Six Flags owner Dan Snyder.
Snyder opted to discontinue the popular commercials after citing a focus on attracting families rather than teenagers. Snyder believes that the Mr. Six commercials had the largest impact on teenagers, while families should be the primary target of ads due to general financial superiority

Mr. Six provided Six Flags with some of the most successful commercials in the United States by dancing to the tune of "We Like to Party" by the Vengaboys. Six Flags introduced the slogan "It's Playtime" as part of the advertising campaign encouraging potential guests to visit the parks in their free time.

The identity of the actor playing the aged man has yet to be revealed.

The Washington Redskins owner declared himself the new Six Flags CEO late last month, citing a 57% vote to oust current leaders of the world's largest theme park operator, a chain plagued with financial troubles in the past.

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Darn, I liked him. But it seems to me like not only teenagers would've been affected. I think it appealed to little kids too, because of the music and cartoony feel, and little kids talk their families into coming...


thats the story the yare giving it all has to do with money and they where losing it, but yeah the commericals were awesome though.


Did you hear about this?

Save Mr.Six Petition!

Look at this! A petition to save Mr.Six! Sign this. Lets keep Mr.Six here.


I loved that guy. When I first saw the commercial I remembered the song and it ended up getting stuck in my head for days. I heard it on a cd before. That was the coolest commercial around. lol I thought Mr. Six was pretty cool. I don't think the petition will do anything because anyone can sign without a legal name. I'm gonna miss that guy. They should do one last commercial with him.


yeah mr six in a rollar coaster flying off the track, though grewsome it would end the mascot.


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