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Pop Danger Pop danger


I have just found out that pop can be a sirius hazard! Every one knows that pop is not good for you because of the contents but....Coca-Cola or diet actually can become a highly poisiniuos drink when left in 87-some degrees for an hour. The chemicals with the heat and the carbination make a chemical reaction to make the poison. Plenty of people also use coca-cola as a cleaning solution because of the high acidity level.Pepsi contains high amounts of pepsin which rots stomach lining!All highly carbinated drinks(pop) can increase the risk of throat cancerNow i have no intention of getting dirt on any of these companies and thier products but i think it should be brought to thier attention! I do believe my findings are correct but i may be wrong.


These are quite bold facts that you have posted. I'm guessing you are just posting what was sent to you in an email or found on another board. You have provided no creditable souce for your information. I am also quite sure that the information you presented is false. You should learn to question and verify what you read before you pass it on.


No I have heard this before. My parents talked about it before. Although they say this is true it doesn't happen all the time. My mom drinks one or two cokes a day and it could. I try not to drink to much soda but Mountain Dew is addicting lol. I found a site that talks about this. I haven't heard of anyone that this has happened to him so I don't think. You can read this article to find out more about it.


The ingredients in both regular and diet pop can eat away the inner lining of your stomach, eventually causing severe digestive problems. And the average small bottle or can of soda contains over 200 calories, none of which harbor any real nutrients for your health whatsoever. If you consume one can of pop per day, you will gain 12 pounds in only one year.


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