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Engine Stand Help Dimensions between holes on Engine Stand


Hey I have a V-8 350 Engine that I am fixing up. I am a high school student and I took a metal shop class and I want to make a Engine Stand. I know how to make one but I don't know what the dimensions are between the holes on the Engine Stand Plate where the Engine gets bolted into. I am guessing the Dimensions are Universal because then they would have to make a Engine Stand for each type of Engine. Could anybody tell me them if they know them. If you don't know what Im talking about then tell me because maybe I have explained this wrong.


Most Engine Stands that I have seen or used have slots for where the bolts are. There are usually two slots on an angle at the top and the bottom "slots" are also adjustable by using a second set of bolts and slots in a second plate. The second slots are horizontally adjustable so that they space correctly for the particular block you are mounting. If nobody else comes along with the actual details, I would suggest going to an Automotive Tool place and pretend to be interested in buying an engine stand and look at a couple to get the concept, then go home and build it similar to the one you have inspected.


If you have the engine already, why don't you just build the engine stand based on measurments from your engine? Who cares if your engine stand won't be able to accomodate other engines. Once you have measured your engine, you can then design your own engine stand. It is more fun that way than to copy someone elses design.


Ya I get your point but i Would rather put the extra effort into the Engine Stand to fit all rather then just one. All I need is like a Universal Engine Stand Plate Diagram that would show the measurements of the holes.


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