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What Is... Eggheadz Cool little things


Eggheadz is a deviantart project, you get a template (a little guy with arms and legs and an 'egg'head) which you then mod and submit.

I thought it was a rather cool idea; you can see some of the Eggheadz at: Eggheadz Gallery, the main page at Eggheadz and my personal Egghead guy at Chameleons.


Wow that's some funny stuff. Some of it is scarey and some funny. lol How long have they been doing this? Did they make them in a paint shop like photoshop? I would like to try but I am not good at drawing so I wouldn't be good at trying to make a person on the computer either. lol I think I will just stick to signatures and web design. People sure have fun with those. They go all out on those things. Some are really cool.


They release the templates in .psd (photoshop format) and .ai (illustrator format). I don't think mine is top the list material, but it definetly amuses me, mainly cause it looks enough like me B)I think they've only just started doing it, project was started Nov 2nd, so 20 days ago; and it would of taken it a few days to pick up as well.


Yeah those are pretty cool, I bookmarked them in my cool webpages folder in my favorite browser portable firefox. I am going to show my younger sister cause I am trying to teach her HTML and I know she would dig making a page or two using those. I will post back if she does.


This is a cool idea. I thought you were going to say something dumb for a second and im like...omfg not another stupid post!!!!!But this is cool and I congrats you for posting it.


Hahaha. Theyre all so cute. I think I might make one. Hopefully it won't turn out too bad. I really need to get better at photoshopping.


hehe that is pretty funny, i saw that some more tho. I had a site, where there were tuxes (those pinguins) and they modified them like 2000 times... some really funny ones were between them. But to bad i forgot the site


Oh quite interesting. I've never heard of eggheadz, but the title of your topic caught my eye I went to go look at the winners and I must say, the first is awesome.


Nice! Im sure that many people does not know what it is or never heard of it, like me. Good that you declared this...


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