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No Weed In Holland Anno 2050 The sea raise...


Scientist say that around the year 2050 the coast of Holland incredible will be increasing. Water will go to the streets and damage everything ( I hope not). Do you have seen New Orleans oh my God maybe it will the same. Holland will be overflood no Weed anymore B). When it's 2050 then I'm 61 years (if I make it). That's awful! Maybe new cars will be creating the fuel on hydroxigen so that the North and South won't melt. Have to know !


erm ja en?So they also predicted that the world would end in the year 2000 and we are still here. Oke that was not Scientistic but never the less dont believe anything you read and even if there is a tread the dutch are good in a few thing specialy and one is waterworks. See the Delta project for instance


that's true


Lol, I predict that we all are going to die... someday, hehe. I don't know maybe it is gonna sound not so polite, but I must say that the whole world is living a strange time full of disasters (naturals and not so naturals) so not only the Netherlands take this risk. None knows, but maybe this is just the begining of the end of the world (as we know it...)




And in the sixties everyone panicked about killer bees and in the beginning of the XXI century after the WTC towers everyone panicked about mail or actually receiving mail with anthrax and so on come on decude by logical and critical thinking what might be true and what might not be true.


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