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Do You Like Enigma?


Enigma....they're cool... Anyway...are there any song or anything close to Enigma?PLEASE tell me...

Notice from wassie:
Close bbcodes!


Enigma...now that name rings a bell.The group that made "Sadeness", "Mea Culpa" and "Return To Innocence" about ten years ago? I really liked their first two CDs, but I haven't listened to much of their music since then. Did they come out with a new CD recently?


I think it's just way too close to elevator music for me. I really hope there's no other band out there trying to sound like them. Try listening to Franz Ferdinand, much more fun.


love them. Best music for lova lova situations


I listen to Christian music. So bands like that are usually unknown to me. I prefer a softer tone in music, which is why I appreciate classical music and stringed instruments. I also will take a ofter hymn over a "modern" Christian and as well. I know, backwards for this era


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