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Somebody Made Jack Thompson's Game!


If you hadn't heard, Jack Thompson recently offered $10,000 to charity if someone made a game based on a story that he made up (http://gc.advancedmn.com/article.php?artid=5883 - read this first if you haven't already [possibly offensive for violence]).

Well, apparently somebody has made his game! Link: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Pay close attention to the dialog and the text on the action button (also violent).

Put this everywhere you can, because one of the terms was that it has to be distributed.


I absoloutley despise that man, he is the downfall of society.I've corresponded with him in e-mails several times, he is rather immature, and resorts to telling me to quote "get a life"when I inform him that anybody who kills because of something they do in a game certainly has issues prior to the crime...


Lol! That was hillarious, and yet, so sickening... I actually expected a game, but heh, I finally figured out that no one will take the guy so seriously. Video games aren't the root of 'all' violence. Even before written history, violence has already existed. It's simply a change of trends and apparently, more reasons to snipe at and blame.

"get a life"

He said that? Then if that's not an offensive reaction, I don't know what is... How dare he blame video games, when he himself doesn't act accordingly?

Aah, I've played games a lot, and I have to say, it all comes down to the person in control of the pad/joystick/mouse/keyboard. We are all different, and it's all up to the person how s/he might act in a certain situation. The question is, "Will you allow yourself to be influenced by it?" If yes, then suffer the consequences, if no, then that's good.

After all, it's becoming a stereotype. You can NEVER fight violence with violence, you're just creating a bigger boom. If he wishes to say it, he has to do it in a less intimidating and less aggressive manner.


Everyone that I know that's corresponded with him has gotten similar replies. If you send him a well thought-out and intelligent e-mail, he'll respond with something like "stop threatening me or i'll sue." There's a lot more about how weird he is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Thompson_(attorney).


Wow I really can't stand this guy. All this time he's saying games are bad and now he wants to make one of his own? It really doesn't make sense. I'm not sure what he wants to prove here. Maybe he wants to see how people will react to this game or see how many kids start copying off the game. He will make sure that it is disturbing and probably try to trigger young people's mind and has hopes that they will commit crimes just to prove his point. But I doubt any of this will happen. Only those with mental issues copy what they see in a game or movie. It's funny how pathetic Jack Thompson is. I guess his life sucked, he had nothing to do, so he attacked the gaming industry and ESRB. Most of the stuff he says is based on his own personal beliefs or just isn't true at all. Like for instance, the"Hot Coffee Mod". There's no way anyone could've known about that unless they had the internet. >.> It's so stupid too how he believes that all games are full of violence and/or sex. Yep, there is so much head-chopping and sex in those Mario games. Sheesh, I've been playing Mortal Kombat among many other violent games for years and I'm still sane. As far as I know, I haven't killed anyone. lol. So yeah, games had no effect on me. And as far as the ESRB goes, I think that they have been doing a great job. Every game I've ever played has had justified and correct ratings in my opinion. The whole GTA situation was not the ESRB's fault in no way, shape, or form. You see, before a game is released in the stores the company that makes the game must submit a lengthy video that shows all game content and write a long report that tells of everything in the game to ESRB. Rockstar did not add the sex stuff in the report or have any video evidence of the sex so it's all their fault. ESRB trusted that everything that Rockstar presented was trustworthy and legit. So ESRB is definitely not to blame. I think that the man is just insane. Everything that he does just doesn't make sense to me. I hope someone does make this game and I'm interested to see what happens next._________________


Looks like Penny Arcade has covered a little more of this story. Read "Yack Thompson" and "You Lose."



You have got to love that some of the guys that Jack Thompson hates the most, actually give more to charity than he probably does. The guys at Penny Arcade are top rate fellows who have given a tremendous amount to children in hospitals around them. I encourage anyone on these forums to in fact help out with their next "Childs Play" drive to show "idiots" like Jack Thompson that the gaming community does in fact care about society.


I don't know why an attorney (particularly one with Thompson's track record) would ever be considered honest or have any integrity whatsoever, but as you've probably read, he backed out of donating $10,000 to charity - which was originally the 'reward' for creating his proposed game - on the grounds that it was all just a joke. Of course, everyone is incredibly shocked by this - I always thought he was such a decent, honest man who stood for good values and wasn't really interested in just getting his face on the news at the expense of families who have suffered a tragedy. End of satirical statement.


Oh, god, I completely agree. I just can't stand him. Why, oh why does everybody want to make as much money as possible, not knowing the consicuences. I wouldn't be surprised if an assasination happened (no offence, please). The sims 2 is completely harmless, the GTA series is a more teen game rather than a child game, and teens should understand the fun that game gives to the player, don't you think? The entire scenario, everything is very well-made. Oh, and Manhunt, I agree, the game is just to violent for good taste. It's just psycho, not that it would make a person kill somebody, but it simply disgusts me. San andreas is a perfect game, there's no doubt aboud that.


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