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Idiots And There Spyware


I'm not talking about spyware that exploits holes in your system (but, good protection and removal software takes care of that) Im talking about conciously downloaded programs, Like the stupiedest examples, Anything that teaches you how to hack (Its a lot bigger than you think) Do you honestly think that someone who can hack wont take the oppurtunity to *self censored* up your machine?Its like Yay, I spanked the monkey NOW GIVE ME MY FREE iPod! Then the sites like no you can have a iPod just spend some money online and click this and this and this and this and this and this.... And screw you pc up! ...Have fun if you want to win a free iPod by the way...


spy ware is the worst thing i hate it!











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Some people download the spyware and adware without knowing it. Most people are not computer illerate. They don't know much about computers or why their computers slow down so much. They don't even know what a spyware does or how to fix that problem. However, some people donwload stuff like limewire and kazaa at their own will knowing that there will be adware and spyware. Some download softwares like aol, which comes with a useless weatherbug. The people who should take the blame for all the spyware and adware are the makers and companies who wants to advertise. There should be a law if not already banning all forms of spyware. Then theres spyware from overseas....


In my experience, the best way to have people learn about the importance of being careful about downloads is to have them get a really bad mal-warre which locks their machine solid. Believe me, it will change their habits. When a powerful, hard to remove set of malware won't let them do anything on the device and requires a major reset of the system (probably a hard drive re-format and re-install) most people learn from the experience. But not all of them. I have a friend whose machine gets locked up about every four months, but he still continues to D/l the stuff which harms the computer, so I have quit helping him to reset anything. I'm not certain he will ever learn from these experiences. Some people are just like that...

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