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Shameless Self Promotion Presenting to you BotExec


Just some shameless self-promotion about my on-going project called BotExec. This project was meant to be challenging my PHP coding skills and see if I could code with deadlines... However as I progress with the coding the more game features come available and might even inspire myself to do another web-based mmorpg with more depth and complexity to it than this addicting RPG-like game . The goal of this game is to make your bot and compete it to other bots and become the master of the arena. Of course there will be NPC bots, guilds, shops, stealing, etc, etc. The further I code, the more depth there is added which in turn means more fun for the players .

And now it's time for the link.


PS: I really need a CSS coder on this one


i think it would be published so many language paches like or change the language like google.com then all countries men can join it?


not to bad but change the font it so small makes me want to go blind


Hrmmmm....I didn't have any problems with the font....However I am still looking for a CSS/webdesign guy who wishes to redesign my project...


You need a CSS guy. Check this out My Webpage

Maybe we can make a deal, I am very good in CSS, some good knowledge in Photoshop, but very low or almost zero in PHP. Thats it.

Best regards.


what's up with this css thing anyway, why not just keep it really simple. Maybe just giving it a much more readable font, like verdana. But i think you might want to check out the site in different browsers, it looks kinda weird on my mac ie. Not sure what your seeing, but it's a good start. Keep up the good work.


that IS why i need a CSS coder...I don't know nothing about design and how to make CSS code compatible with multiple browsers :rolleyes:I know it looks weird in firefox...i know...


Oke. After some hours of CSS work and fixing your errors I managed to do this. I have never been doing fuid design before.



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